San Laurel

review forthcoming?


Very Bazaar Meat like dishes. Prices?


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what happened to bazaar meat?

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Warrior Score: 7.2/10 (Warrior Scoring Table following the pictures). Worth a stop!

Peony: I’m not familiar with Spanish cuisine. I just intuitively enjoyed the meal a lot without prior knowledge about Spanish food. Plus the building and interior were really lovely. The quality of the cooking, the texture of the food, and the flavor combinations were all terrific! I feel the food is Michelin-star level, and many dishes were very creative and exciting. I look forward to come again!

Nice wine choice!

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Thanks! Peony likes bigger, fruitier white wines and I prefer leaner, more mineral white wines (like albariño). Because Peony only drinks a half a glass at most, we usually order what I prefer. You won’t see many California wines in our pics, though Peony prefers them.

Warrior: 5.9 Warrior Points. (I gave it 7.2 on prior visit.) The food at San Laurel is light and healthy, so it fits perfectly into my diet, which is now on Day 5. What’s more, Peony is back! Oh, it’s such a perfect day. The food today was too boring and safe and, while executed well, not up to Michelin star level (except for duck and asparagus). The stuff we ordered last time was better. But I would eat here any day because the wine selection is great! This is one of those meals where the wine outclassed the food, which isn’t necessarily an indictment on the restaurant. Out of curiosity, I asked the waiter whether most diners are hotel guests or locals, and he said hotel guests.

Peony: The food was good quality and executed well. But compared with our last visit, it lacked a wow factor, which we know the chef can deliver. It would be interesting to see if the chefs could create more wow dishes in the future.

Vintage 2018, blanco

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Excellent reports. Thank you. Anyone been lately?

Last weekend we had an outstanding dinner at San Laurel.
Tomato Tartar, Fennel Soup, Gambas, “Mac and Cheese” were hits. Jamon and Strachiattela salad were forgetabble and you have to order bread separately. Lubina was perfectly cooked. Leirana Finca Ginoveva paired well and the use of Glasvin glassware is a plus! Service very friendly and competent.
It was interesting to see how the place emptied out by about 7:15 - guess most diners were pre-concert crowd.


Warrior: Very good. Most underrated restaurant in LA. 6.9 Warrior Points.

Why this restaurant gets so little attention, I have no idea. It’s consistently borderline Michelin star quality for us and easily the best choice for a pre-concert meal.

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There’s an event coming up April 23rd 6-9pm here that I thought was interesting. I think it’d be nice to share another meal with FTC’ers so I wanted to gauge if there is any interest in grabbing a small table!

Dine With José Andrés

Embark on an unparalleled culinary journey with Michelin Starred Chef José Andrés at San Laurel, located on the 10th floor of Conrad Los Angeles, nestled in the epicenter of art and culture in Downtown Los Angeles. Join us for an exclusive cocktail reception and tasting menu featuring Chef José Andrés’ Pacific coast favorites. Delight in the sophisticated ambiance of Forbes 4-star rated San Laurel surrounded by sweeping views of musical and art institutions such as The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Music Center, and Grand avenue’s cultural corridor.

Reception taking place in The Beaudry Room bar from 6:00pm - 6:45pm, guests will be escorted to San Laurel for a seated dinner from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Ticketed Price $295 is inclusive of tax and tip.


cool event - unfortunately we can not make it but really appreciate your sharing the info

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Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled due to the recent events in Gaza involving World Food Kitchen. All reservations holders will have their deposits refunded, per San Laurel.


Very sad (referring to the reason for the cancellation). :frowning:


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