San Sebastian--La Cuchara de San Telmo

Spent 5 days in SS. Had lots of great meals, but this was the best one (we also did Arzak which had higher highs, but at the comparative price points I’d rate this higher pound for pound). Really loved the entire Pintxo culture, but this place seemed a level above the rest.

This one is veal cheeks in a wine sauce over a potato puree. Luxurious and soothing on a cold Basque night.

Up next was perfectly seared foie gras that was roasted in cane sugar and served over a sweet and tangy applesauce type puree.

Then finally, the most spectacular pintxo of the trip was this suckling pig. A better prep than any I’ve had before. Shatteringly crisp skin giving way to incredible tender meat and fat, and a perfectly balanced sauce. This was great.