San Vicente food trucks

Does anyone know what’s up with the food trucks on San Vicente adjacent to the Brentwood Country Club? Anything good there? There were about half a dozen spaced out along that stretch this afternoon (Friday). Mostly Mexican and some variety from what I could see quickly.

Sorry if this came up elsewhere on the board, I’m very unfamiliar with Brentwood and I couldn’t find an answer on FTC from a quick search.

I live kind of close to there but am never in the area at that time and was TOTALLY unaware of this.

Wonder if it’s a regular thing or if there was some sort of event.

Yeah, same. By the type of trucks it didn’t seem like some kind of event but that’s just speculation

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I walk/bike in the area a lot and this has been a constant for several years. The trucks are always on the south side of San Vicente between Gretna Green and Burlingame–or more simply, adjacent to the north side of the golf course where there is a dirt path and no paved sidewalk.

This is mainly a daytime & weekday thing, since the customers appear to be primarily contractors & repair people.

I’ve never eaten at any of them, so cannot report on that.


There are three food trucks there on the regular for years. Can’t say much about them but the other trucks that are there are for a film shoot

Years and years they line up there - it’s for the workers, mostly. Gardeners, contractors, construction, etc