Sandwich Bread Rolls for Sausages

Our Super Bowl host is looking at doing sausages with peppers in rolls. Any one have a favorite in LA?

Depends on what kind of crust you’re looking for. If there isn’t a nice little an Italian shop, I like the crusty rolls Northgate/Cardenas/Vallarta carry.

The Northgate ones are close enough that sometimes I sub them for my banh mi rolls. Not perfect, but will do in a pinch and they are continuously coming out of the oven fresh throughout the day.


Wurstkuche has them if you’ve got one by you.

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Baguettes at Saigon’s Bakery in Westminster (Westminster/Magnolia) - yes it is OC but we’ll worth the trip.

Rolls at Guiliano’s in Gardena - go early, it most likely is a clusterfuck for Super Bowl weekend.


If you are anywhere near mid city, our standard is Pacfic French Bakery on Washington. There will be a line, but it moves fast. This is our standard sausage roll.

We love tube steak of all kinds and also always have these in our freezer. You can get them at Whole Foods.


Mmmm tastes like spam