Sandwiches and pastries shine at Maison Matho, a cozy French window near the



LAT was not joking when it mentioned much butter is on the jambon beurre. It’s seriously obscene (if delicious). I could hear my arteries squeezing shut. I normally am not a particularly big fan of cornichon, but this could’ve used some more (or used them more evenly distributed) b/c the hit of acid worked really nicely to break up the richness.

Bread is really wonderful.

Omelette looked a touch overcooked but wasn’t at all. This was fantastic and, for me, is worth a drive (the jambon beurre is merely very good).

Partner thought the Earl Grey latte was very tasty (if a touch sweet). I didn’t try any myself but thought it smelled fantastic.

Will try the pistachio croissants later…

There is a small amt of seating out front and around the side. And the chef is wearing a full outfit (+ tall hat).


Thanks for taking one for the team! Looks great.


I love them. That omelet sandwich is one of my favorite things… in the city. I don’t have it as often I would like because they only sell it as a full and it’s so big!! P is happy to take my left over (and it reheats up on the oven wonderful wrapped in foil). But it’s not the same. The pasties are great. Just had their brioche donut which was so unique and wonderful. It reminded me of the homemade donuts my mom used to make using pilsbury dough. :joy:

Well worth the detour when in the area…. And you can order the Melrose Fog half sweet. It’s still awesome.