Santa Ana Jury Duty Eats

Fulfilling my civic duties:

1030 Break @ Mil Jugos to go.

Beef Empanada was okay. Scant but high quality tasty filling. Thin exterior, slightly sweet.

Pernil Arepa was awesome. Stuffed full of tender moist pork. The arepa itself was airy and almost light. The dark green sauce with a slight kick is the way to go.


@Porthos awesome! On a 10:30 a.m. break and you’re doing the great food exploration work already. :slightly_smiling:

The arepas look great. Thanks.

Wasn’t aware they served pernil at Mil Jugos. I haven’t been there in years for some strange reason. Definitely need to get back there.

Jogged over to Carnitas Uruapan.

Great stuff. The surtido (mixed) here is more coarsely chopped than the one at Las Morelianas. This means the odds and ends stick out more and each bite is more unique. I prefer this one by a comfortable margin.

Like Morelianas they were also out of costilla so I got what the guy in front of me got which was meat and skin. The skin here isn’t as hot near liquid gelatin as the one at Morelianas. Stick with the surtido.

Consommé is free @Aesthete spicy and flavorful. I would say better than El Cabrito. $7 with Diet Coke.


They didn’t put enough meat in your tacos. I would complain. :joy:

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I know you’re being facetious. The lady up front is so nice and it is so clearly a neighborhood place serving local families and workers on their lunch break I would feel badly complaining about anything to her!

2 tacos seems to be the limit for most. I did see a champ order 3.

Nice lunch @Porthos. :slightly_smiling: Good to hear your thoughts about both places. I’m bummed you didn’t get to try the Costillas at Villa Morelianas (it’s so good!), and I feel it’s definitely better than Uruapan’s, but Uruapan’s is very good regardless. :slight_smile: I’d be glad to eat either.

For the Surtido I’d agree with you: Uru’s version is definitely more rustic / coarse chopped and thinking about it, it’s more enjoyable with all those larger bits. Thanks.

I wish they sold their green sauces by the bottle.

That way I won’t, er, ahem, I mean people will stop stealing them.

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Everyone wants that costilla! :wink: