Santa Ana's Loncheras

Not really a response but I was reading thru the Javier Cabral thread wanted to shine a light on some OC Mexican food trucks.

Los Reyes Del Elote


Despite the name, they do a great mole and quesdillas. The corn fungus/huatilacoche is warm, rich, and earthy. You won’t find a better quesdilla in OC. It is a mom-pop-son operation. Handmade tortillas. Friendly service. And a pretty sweet art work on the truck


Mariscos Los Corales

A block away from Los Reyes Del Elote!


The mixto is refreshing and filling at the same time. The gobernador tacos, I love the shrimp with cheese in these tacos. I could polish a lot of these.

Rigobertos Brothers Taqueria

Right across from Trieu Chau. Specializing in the off cuts, with the Tripas being the star here. Make sure to ask for “Extra Crispy!” and for the pickled onions.

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Omg Yelp photos of this place are insane. Gotta get me over there.

Los Reyes Del Elote is pretty nice, I really like their tacos, mulitas and quesadillas. Flor de calabaza was decent. I’ll just do a photo dump cuz food pornz.

Really nice to see others sleuthing the streets of Santa Ana. I need to try Mariscos Los Corales. Nice job @JeetKuneBao

But I may say that Andrea’s Rica Comida Poblana is a mighty contender for quesadillas.

Also hit up Andrea’s Rica Conida Poblana and has a nice cemita con milanesa y pata. Their chorizo quesadilla, also handmade to order is crunchy and crispy. Add the salsa and it was quite tasty.

Small hands or giant cemita??? Dat illusion.


^^^bookmarked! Thanks!

Went to Mariscos Los Primos recently got the cazuelitas and tostada. Make sure you go to the one across from El Toro

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Would you please be more specific about which location is best! “El Toro” what? Thanks.

There are 2 or 3 Los Primos, they are only related by name. The best one is across from El Toro, a meat market on 1st and Bristol.

Thanks. I thought that was it,but they don’t appear to be across from each other on maps.Wanted to be sure.

whelp, I’ve been going to the wrong one. Glad to hear the other one’s better, since the mariscos in Santa Ana haven’t impressed me.

Tried to go to Los Reyes Del Elote but the truck was not here today on Wednesday. Detoured to Burritos Los Palmas. Great tortillas, great filings but the salsa is ice cold and not very good. Wish they had a nice salsa bar. The chiccaron didn’t need salsa but the birria de res could have used a better salsa.