Santa Barbara?

Not sure if this is the correct place but what are some good casual cheap to mid-priced restaurants in downtown Santa Barbara? I might be going up for a day trip in late october. Thanks!

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Blue Owl at State (tucked alongside the shopping center).

Get the Porducken if it’s available.

If u like nola cuisine this is better than anything in la

Finch & Fork.

Their mac & cheese with aged cheddar and bacon is gooey and delicious.

And their fire roasted milkshake with caramelized banana ice cream, crushed graham crackers, salted caramel, and toasted meringue is so damn good.


Taqueria el Bajio for starters.

La super rica even though its. Tourist trap.

The hitching post.

Palace cafe.

Paradise Cafe. Burgers. Martinis.


+1 on The Palace.

I forget it Square One is still there, but they didn’t some incredibly great noveau American fried chicken and contemporary American food, it was essentially two storefronts down from the Palace Café.

And yeah, I always really really fucking enjoyed the Palace Café. One of the few places in CA where you can get a bread pudding soufflé with whiskey sauce. It’s quite good, though it does feel corporate for some reason.

Mc Connell’s on Mission and De la vina is beyond mandatory for Turkish coffee ice cream and island coconut.

The Chase on State is one of my all time faves for the killer Calamari picatta with fettucini and salad or soup for $14+
They cook it perfectly and I’ve had it so many times and I swear I’m eating abalone…yeah, I said abalone!

The Nugget in Summerland is where all the locals from Montecito go and its excellent food with kick ass patty melt and a spicy bloody mary…

I do like slumming at Lucky’s or San Ysidro Ranch at the bar at Stonehouse…stunning property.

Renaud’s for one of the best croissants, other than Paris is a must…Up State or lower State.

Goodness. I think I just popped a button or two on my trousers just looking at that thing.


u and tony should get a room with A/C

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is there liquor in that fucker ??? that does look dope.

btw, I forgot

Tupelo Junction Café is fun for breakfast or lunchey treats.

Mac’s fish and chips on state street is pretty good. They also have good meat pies.

Haha. It’s so worth it!

@kevin that particular milkshake doesn’t have booze but they have a piña colada one that does.

This is the description from the menu:

4 year old rum, McConnell’s coconut cream ice cream, pineapple chutney, toasted macadamia nuts


Wow, I got so distracted by that Mac and Cheese, I forgot my recommendation and had to google it (and that ain’t no joke).

Whenever I go to SB for the day, I don’t go downtown for lunch, because I cannot miss the opportunity to go to the Coffee Shop in Montecito, next to the Pharmacy (part of it, actually). I think it’s just called the Montecito Coffee Shop, or Pharmacy Coffee Shop. I call ahead in the morning to save me a piece of Apple Pie, because they usually sell out by about noon - and that’s the point of my detour - that Apple Pie. They also have a terrific Cobb Salad.

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‘is there liquor in that fucker ??? that does look dope.’
I LOVE when you drop the F bomb…I laugh so hard on your posts and that ain’t no joke!