Santa Monica Poke?

I know Poke is all the rage these days but I have not had any, other than the Whole Foods Poke bar…which I cannot recommend in good faith.
I have a little extra lunch time today in SaMo - where to go?

Haven’t been m’self, but Sweetfin Poké looks like a good option.

I also feel like I’ve seen Sunny Blue offer poke as a special, but I’m not certain. If not, I’ve always had a good experience with their omusubi.

Sweetfin is great. Very fresh fish. You can build you own or try one of their combos. Wonderful flavors and not bad priced (small bowls $8.95 Large bowls $12.95) and tasty toppings! Nice people too. I highly recommend.



@J_L, brilliant idea. :slightly_smiling:

I’d imagine having Shunji make you fresh Poke with his top quality fish might be just ridiculously awesome.

Actually, the answer to most questions is usually “Shunji”. heheheh

Viva Nakao Brothers.

Yes Shunji would have been a better call.
But Sweetfin was very enjoyable. And cheaper. And has the coolest table design of any fast food joint in town.
Had a Red Snapper - Bamboo Rice bowl with a Yuzu based spicy dressing and lots of veggies.


Thanks for the report back @CiaoBob. Had Sweetfin on my radar for a while, but whenever lunch comes up, I always gravitate to something else LOL. Your Red Snapper bowl sounds / looks delish.

I think my Hawaiian friends would die hearing that called poke.

Sweetfin is the better of the PokeChains. However, Musha also does an excellent Poke with those rice krispy crackers! :slight_smile:


“I think my _________ friends would die hearing that called __________.”

I love LA.

(Poke is the easiest thing to make at home.)

hard to get the legit hawaiian seaweed though

Sweetfin has what I call a very Instagrammable decor, and food, for that matter:


Costco poke, its legit!


Not Santa Monica per se, but that place (forget the name) next to the Hammer Museum in Westwood.

Plus you can get macaroons while you’re at and totally jump the food trend shark.

Well, there’s no pleasing fundamentalists.

Ugh, bastardized poke. I can’t even… :wink:

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Would that include diced Spam in my poke?


Are you referring to the restaurant in the Hammer Museum? Or that Sansei place across the street? I didn’t think either of those places had poke.