Sara the Wine Bar (Culver City)

Sort of a random one. Sara is a tiny Italian spot right off the freeway. Prices are incredibly reasonable and the food is solid, if you’re not the type that needs heavy salt/saucing/grease. The eggplant parm is surprisingly delicious… thin layers of eggplant with minimal sauce and topped with a light layer cheese, baked to a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Nothing like the traditional breaded, heavily fried version, but something you can share as appetizer and still polish off a main. But the star of the show for me is cavatelli in a sausage and mushroom red sauce. Again, the sauce is flavorful, perhaps a tad salty for my liking but still very light. But the cavatelli… it’s the only place other than Uovo that has imo the perfect pasta, which is firm but still chewy. And because the cavatelli is like a thick rolled orecchiete, it just has this amazing mouthfeel as you chew on it - almost like when you get a milk tea with the perfect boba… it’s equally pleasurable slowly chewing and savoring one or just taking a big bite. And there’s always plenty of sausage and mushroom sauce leftover to sop up with their grilled foccacia. Is it life changing good? No, but is it our favorite friday evening meal when we have a bit of time to drive to Culver City? Absolutely. And the owners are the warmest, nicest people who always make sure we have a good meal which is why I thought i’d do a quick writeup!


For a place calling itself a wine bar, their list kinda sucks.

haha. yeah, the wine list isn’t actually much of a list for some reason… i usually have a beer there. it’s the pasta that gets me every time!