Sasabune (wilshire) vs sugarfish?

how does this compare to sugarfish including costwise? Do they still have takeout? how is the outdoor ambience? noisy?

Costwise it’s similar, maybe a tick more expensive but not much, and they do have takeout. Haven’t sat outdoors at Sasabune, but I don’t think Sugarfish Brentwood (or Santa Monica) is even doing outdoor anymore

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It’s fine, I’m not a big fan of the warm rice thing. The rice is often packed very loosely along with the sauce can cause the rice to fall apart before you can get it to your mouth. OTOH the selection is better that sugarfish, I’ve never found it too loud I’m usually out of there for under 100 and that’s eating quite a bit. Good QPR imo

i’ve went here& if you order more expensive items they have better stuff than sugarfish.

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Big difference between the two brands is the shari (sushi rice):

Sasabune’s signature is WARM sushi rice, with loose packing - This makes many of the nigiri pieces almost impossible to pick up with hashi (chopsticks), and so customers must grab the piece with their hands (also acceptable of course) in order to minimize chaos. This is in stark contrast to Sugarfish, where their “chefs” tends to pack the nigiri rice hard, and serve it at often colder-than-ambient temperatures.

Neither are really my preference, but there you go.


Agreed. And all the sauce many of the nigiri get doesn’t help matters on the rice front! It stops me from going there more often. Too bad really because the neta is often very good and you can eat well for under 100 there

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Not surprising, as Sugarfish/Kazunori/Nozawa, due to their sheer purchasing volume (which equates to power) at the seafood wholesale level, likely gets first dibs on the choicest neta.

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I wouldn’t say they get the choicest per se but they certainly get favorable pricing for good fish. They’ve done their homework, very clean and lean operation.


Easy to tell by the way things flow at KazuNori.

Sugarfish >>> anything besides the super high end sushi.

If they ever go mainstream and public they can easily become the next Chipotle

Warrior: to the extent your point is that sugarfish is on the same level as Chipotle and your joke is to suggest that this quality level is high, I agree. Actually, come to think of it, I think Chipotle is better quality than sugarfish.


you think sugarfish is good and Lodge bread is not. you are in my alternative universe.

They’ve already expanded to NYC where I didn’t expect to have them as much success but it seems to be working there with 4 stores and plans to do more. I don’t see it ever going to the chipotle level in terms of number of stores limited purely on supply if they hope to continue their quality. Chipotle was good at this at first and then clearly fell off, unlikely to ever return.

This is asinine.

Warrior: just saying — I’d rather eat at Chipotle than Sugarfish. I think Sugarfish has terrible sushi. They drench everything in too much sauce. The nigiri are put together sloppily and are often falling apart when served. Also, I once had two pieces of sashimi that were connected together because the chef failed to cut them apart. It all seems like rank amateurism; like they hired away Subway sandwich artists to make sushi. And the fish quality is just passable. Everything at Chipotle is better quality IMO. But lots of stuff I say on this site is asinine so I don’t take offense.

Lodge Bread could not be worse if they tried. Sugarfish delivers every time.

Chipotle bette quality? Surely you must be joking. The level of food poisoning at a Chipotle goes further than anything I’ve ever eaten anywhere.

( X ) Doubt

No offense taken but certainly taints your future opinions.