Saul's bagels

10" chef’s knife for scale. Good crunch, good chew, not sweet. $2.25 each. Does not have that special flavor I’ve had from Bagel Hole, a couple of defunct Brooklyn places, and Schmendrick’s. Best local bagel since Schmendrick’s closed, way better than Boichik’s (which are $3). Too bad they were out of whitefish salad.

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Reading the article again, these are Baron’s bagels, just boiled and baked at Saul’s so they’re fresher.

Nice!! Though that’s really expensive. Do they give a deal by the 1/2 or full dozen?

Looking online, because I knew nothing of this Graf fellow or Baron Baking, an article had his recipe.

Saul’s was sold to the owner of Grand Bakery and I’m pretty sure they’re now getting their bagels from there.

Sloppily made, weight of the four we got varied from 3.7 to 4.2 ounces, recognizable as a bagel rather than poofy round bread a la Noah’s. Worst of the $3 bagels I’ve tried, though no worse than the bagels I can get at Berkeley Bowl for a little over a dollar each. They’re $6.75 for 3 at Grand Bakery.

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