Saul's To-Go baked goods

A few days ago, I was looking for a little dessert while around the corner. The cupcake place on Vine? Tried them once. Masse’s? I like their stuff but nothing struck my fancy that day. So I peeked into Saul’s and brought home chocolate covered macaroons and linzer cookies. With little expectations, we loved them. I’d gladly go back and try more things from their baked goods counter.

I’m not a fan of Saul’s baked goods, but my best friend and his wife really like the brownies. I do think their chocolate pudding is about as good as it gets.

What have you tried?

It’s been so long since I’ve eaten their baked goods. I know I tried their chocolate cake a couple of times in search of the classic American chocolate layer cake, but they had only a German Chocolate once and more recently a chocolate torte. They were OK, but not what I wanted. I must have tried the fruit pie and/or cobbler which made no impression on me. I think I tried the rugelach.

What I do like there is the chocolate pudding, half sour pickles, french fries, turkey burger, matzo ball soup and the long-gone cardamon soda. I rarely order anything else, although am curious about the chicken schnizel which they only sell on certain weekdays and not when I am there.

We stopped back and got more linzer cookies (still very good) and hamentashen, which I would not get again.