Savannah Dining

We’ve been to 2 restaurants since we have moved here. The Vault is Pan-Asian and we really enjoyed our meal. I had duck tacos that were Asian in flavor and Latin in execution. It is a place to revisit. The next was with an old High School friend and her husband. The restaurant was The King and I again well worth going back to. I found out last night at a neighborhood gathering that the two are owned by the same family. I don’t have a big appetite and usually order appetizers. At The King and I I ordered the stuffed chicken wings. They are something I make when time is no issue. These were so good I may never make them again, just order some to go. The place is within a mile of where we live. In the same strip as King and I is the Noodle Bowl. We’ve read reviews and they have been glowing. A foodie neighbor last night said their Pho is wonderful so we’ll have togo soon. We tested recipes for Andrea Nguyen’s forthcoming book on Pho. It may be out either next month or Oct. Maybe sooner. If you are a Pho fan watch for it.

Actually I don’t think the pho book is coming out til next summer.

I don’t know how to do it but don’t you want to put this in a regional section?

The last I heard from her it had gone to the publisher.

Actually February.

When we were in Savannah last Thanksgiving on the way to Sea Island, we did a lot of bar hopping around the river and loved the whole vibe of low country food and drink.
What a haunted place Savannah is!

Let me know what you think of The Grey…

We stayed at the Westin across from the river and they had the free ferry till midnight that was a blast to take all day and night and let you get your party on without taking the car out…
Sweet as pie people…no pun intended. :yum:

Oh well. I had not yet received my copy but I was under the impression it was sooner. Feb will be good Pho season

We are a little old for the bar hopping scene. We are usually settled in with our books after dinner and watching Rachel Madow and O’Donnell . I’m glad you enjoyed the city. When my father was transferred to Plattsburgh, NY at the outbreak of the Cold War I didn’t want to leave. I’m so glad to be back to stay and not to have to deal with snow and freezing temps. I’m beginning to think it may be difficult to get a bad meal here unless you go to one of the ubiquitous chains. Hopefully if you are back next year Husk will be open and you’ll be able to get some great fried chicken skins and crispy pig ears. No, I’m not kidding.

Her pho bo recipe is better than any pho we had in Vietnam!

I’ve got all of the recipes from the book and the Pho Bo is really good.

I make a HUGE pot of stock and freeze in meal size portions.

My copy is due to arrive any moment. The publisher has already ordered a 2nd. printing, anticipating a fast sell through when it hits the street.

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Originally when starting this topic I said that Husk was due to open soon. That was what was being advertised. It still has not happened :cry:. The plan was to open first in Greenville, SC and then here. There was an article in a local publication that said owner/chef Sean Brock had been burning the candles at both ends and ended up going to rehab. He is supposed to be back on his feet again so I am hoping it won’t be too much longer. I’m getting hungry waiting.

Meanwhile we have been to The Grey, it was voted #2 behind NOLA’s Commander’s Palace. I had a lovely starter of seared foie gras on top of creamy garlicky grits

If you are coming down and want to go, reserve well in advance, several weeks for sure. Portions are large, well for me. One menu item was roasted “yard bird” and it was half a chicken. Take an appetite with you. It is in the downtown Central Market area so it is walk-able for tourists. The name is The Grey because it was the old Greyhound Bus station and it still looks like it.

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That foie looks amazing.

It was very very good. I just wish the portion was larger. I could just have that for dinner and be happy. I get stone ground, speckled heart grits from Hoppin John’s .com and from Anson Mills. They are whole heart grits and need to be kept in the freezer but are so good. HJ is a friend. If you order from him let him know I sent you.

I have some foie in the freezer from when Hudson Valley had a good deal. I see something like this in our future. Do you prefer the grits to polenta?

Good grits have a very different flavor to me. I find good grits to have a fuller flavor than polenta. As I said good grits/ speckled heart grits have the whole corn germ. Polenta just is coarser corn meal.


Do you think I could do grits in the oven? I’ve been doing polenta like this for ages and it’s perfect.

I don’t know. I’ve never even thought of trying it. I just cook low and slow. I guess if one rinsed the grits well, and I use the same 2:1 ratio of water to grits as one might with rice,and a bit of salt it might work. I finish my grits with heavy cream. I don’t have an amount, it just depends on how thick the grits get. I also make garlic cheese grits pretty much the same way. I just skate some minced garlic in butter before adding grits and water and at the end add cheese, your choice and a bit of heavy cream.

Oh, gosh, the oven baked version, for creamy, is 6:1!!!

Husk was very good. Great space; all the dishes were pretty good to good. I definitely recommend it.

Prohibition was good, but a tier below Husk.

Brunch at the Emporium was disappointing. Fine at best.