Sawtelle-ish Area 4 Lunch

The company that I work for is moving to Westwood Gateway this weekend (corner of Santa Monica & Sepulveda). I’m looking for walkable lunches in the area (or good delivery options). I’ve been told that there is a Zankou Chicken across the street—but is there anything else tasty around? I know that there is that long Sawtelle thread, but I wanted to focus on weekday lunches. THX!!

…also, as an afterthought----any good happy hours so I can postpone my slog back to Ktown after work?

sichuan impression


Not sure if these nearby places are all open during the hours you are seeking, but hey, that’s what yelp is good for…

Qin West, Sichuan Impression, Full Moon, Dim Sum House, Ramayani, Tuscan Son, Nanbankan, Shin-Sen-Gumi, Flame International, Bombay Frankie Company, Churros Calientes, Kato, Monte Alban, Fundamental LA, Hamasaku, Masakazu

Not to count all the places along Sawtelle Blvd proper. Or Persian in Tehrangeles (Shaherzad, Attari, Saffron & Rose, Cafe Glace). Or Century City (Din Tai Fung, Eataly, Shake Shack). Or Westwood Village (KazuNori, Audrey at The Hammer, Northern Cafe, Lamonica’s Pizza, Stan’s Donuts)…


excellent. thanks! I’ll hit up yelp to see which ones are walkable and open for lunch.

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Sawtelle for lunch Anzu gourmet chicken, tsujita annex or original, tentenyu ramen, and curry house would be my picks.

Hide has a good lunch special but sushi is not on it.

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The smart sushi play at lunchtime on Sawtelle is the bara-chirashi at Sushi Tsujita.

Lunchtime selection at Kiriko is great, too!


I’ve gone quite early twice for the tsujita bara chirashi and they are always “sold out”.

ok—one week in and I finally got out of the office to walk across the street. Sichuan Impression is pretty much across the street (yay!). In order to avoid reading through that really long SI thread-----what are the stand outs that I should try and if I end up bringing some coworkers over with less adventurous food tastes…maybe something very tasty but not challenging (whatever that may be. lol).

Westwood Gateway isn’t ideal for walking around. I live a few blocks away and have plenty of neighbors who refuse walk across the 405 crossing at SM. Had one too many unpleasant experiences / unpleasant smells / etc. Usually some form of being accosted will occur sooner or later. That said, if you don’t mind the crossing, Sawtelle is your best bet outside of Sichuan Impression for sure.

As others have mentioned, do the lunch chirashi at Sushi Tsujita. I like Plan Check as well for a easy burger and white people food. I like Mizu 212 for shabu shabu. You should just eat at every single place on Sawtelle to be honest. You’ll find what works for you.

Zankou is the only worthwhile spot in that mini mini mall across from you sadly. Kebab plate dark meat is my fave. I wouldn’t waste a meal on Moon House or anything else there.

If you walk to Westwood Blvd, you might as well try the Indonesian place and also start working on seeing whether you enjoy Persian food.

Flame on the other side of the 405 also does a buffet lunch once a week.

Welcome to the neighborhood.


I like the water boiled fish with rattan pepper, plenty of mala so I would tell your coworkers ahead of time of the numbing power of their peppercorn. Other than that, it is a delicious tasty dish they should enjoy.

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Unfortunately I don’t have time to walk over to Sawtelle (or Westwood) for lunch on a regular weekday----those would have to be driving lunches which only happen every couple of months for our team (or places for me to stop in after work to delay my commute). But we plan on doing that and eating our way down both Sawtelle and Westwood. I appreciate all of the suggestions and will bring them up when we plan our next outing!!

Also, thanks for the heads up in the mini-mall across the street. We checked that out on our walk and nothing besides Zankou looked good over there (although maybe fat burger would work in a pinch). A couple of coworkers picked up some breakfast burritos from the deli/grill @ the gas station on the corner and said they were pretty good.

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I drive over for the congee at Moon House, it is my favorite on the Westside. The food at Moon House is fine for a quick lunch. It’s fresh and executed well. Nothing fancy, but very decent Chinese and they have lunch specials. Try the duck! Great deal, and I think it’s is a great QPR.

I think people forget that not every lunch is going to be fancy, or that people always have time to sit for a long meal. Sometimes you run out, grab food and head back to work.


At my current job (with very intense weekly deadlines), run and grab is the case if I go out for lunch or most days I bring a sandwich and eat @ my desk.

Sshhh… The burrito from that place is a local legend.


I’ll def have to check it out. (Plus they will deliver that burrito across the street!!)

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The tea smoked ribs, mapo tofu, Kung Pao chicken, fried chili chicken.

All of them will be spicy sans ribs but you can ask them to tame spice levels.

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The Corner Deli at the gas station is excellent. The Bombay Frankie Company is also an easy walk, although you’ll be crossing the 405. It also happens to be inside a gas station.

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Thanks! What’s good there besides the b’fast burritos? The menu looks pretty far ranging with all sorts of stuff.

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The twice-cooked pork and the wontons in chili oil (which I am more impressed with than the Impressive Dumplings) are worth adding to the dishes recommended by hungryhungryhippos as probably suitable for your less daring colleagues.