Sawtelle Update: New School Kitchen Shutters

“Batter up!”

The space (next to the inexplicably popular CoCo, in the Olympic Collection) has already been leased, and will soon become “Sea Salt Poke”.

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Can’t say this is a huge surprise, unfortunately. I was pretty underwhelmed by the quality and price of the dim sum there.

the poke boom continues.

Thank you, that’s what I think, too.

Well, I guess there isn’t a poke place already on Sawtelle, so it’ll be an interesting edition. I do have to say that I think there’s gotta be some bad fengshui at the Olympic Collection, though…

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I think CoCo is consistent, and consistently better than Volcano, FWIW. I also like that they have sago, the mini tapioca balls, that goes well with the winter melon tea.

I wonder if it’s a reconceptualization by the same owner or a complete switch of regime.

Just got back from Asia. CoCo seems to be a chain that’s pretty popular in Taiwan as well.

Sorry, that was a non sequitur on my part. That line was in reference to New School Kitchen, whether it’s the same owner who’s opening the poke shop.

Doesn’t Volcano have this, too? I’m pretty sure I’ve nearly choked on them b/f, but I also prefer them to the regular-sized ones.

I only had CoCo once. Didn’t think it was bad, just confused why it was so popular. I also don’t think they have taro flavored drinks (but I could be misremembering).

They definitely have taro flavored drinks at CoCo. I actually haven’t been to Volcano in a while, so I don’t know what they currently offer.

Will have to try it again, then. My fav taro shake is/was from Old Country Cafe, but that’s way too far from the westside…

Volcano def has multiple taro options (tea + shake); I’m usually there every few wks.

I notice that the clientele in Lollicup down the street seems to skew older (i.e., seems to skew more toward my age!).

you are way too kind
place was a total shit-show