Scarpetta to close this Spring

Where can I get sublime yet simple spaghetti after they close without having to drive to Vegas?


Good answer.

I guess we can lock this thread now.


So pretty! It looks like it should be more complex than simple spaghetti.

Restaurant 2117.

Chef Hideyo’s housemade “Sawtellini” with duck is straight-up incredible pasta.

That totally looks more complex than simple spaghetti.

holy cow that looks delicious. HOw much is that pasta at Bestia?


Better than Scarpetta ever was.

I prefer it to Bestia these days after they raised the price on the uni pasta and ruined it by adding lobster ($32 now).

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The uni, crab, and basil spaghetti at cento pasta bar, not as good as bestia but less than half the price ($14).

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On Monday nights only Josef Centeno makes basic, classic all-you-can-eat spaghetti and meatballs.

I’ve never actually been…and can’t find any photos, but it might be just what you’re looking for, if you really just want straight up classic red sauce spaghetti done in a simple, but good way.

I agree, probably the best pasta in town now, but do they do any basic spaghetti?

Post and Beam also does a pretty great basic spaghetti and metballs, but turkey meatbals:

My house. LOL

It’s good, but I make it better.hehehe

this place is still open? I mean, obvs it is. But HOW?

I like Maccheroni Republic’s spaghetti with lentils and spinach. But that lasagna… I need to start a thread for lasagna NOT from red-sauce Italian SYSCO joints in Downey/Montebello/Bellflower.

Reinvention. Revamp. Whatever you wanna call it. Chef Hideyo has recently changed up a lot of the menu items. Don’t knock it til you tried it.

La Tavolata in Artesia would probably work for you. I adore that place and head over anytime I want house-made pasta, thought I’ve never had their classic marinara sauce.

thanks dude! see the house made lasagna

no thanks. i have enough “pasta” shops nearby, and in between.

I went to Restaurant 2117 once many yrs ago. I really enjoyed it, actually. High-quality, sit down dinner food in a place that’s not a “scene.” We could use more restaurants like that, IMHO. Not a destination restaurant, but I really nice local choice.

Back to Scarpetta (sorta)… Is Paninoteca closing, too??? It wasn’t quite clear to me from the article.

Hi attran99,

I assume that you’re looking for a replacement for Scarpetta’s signature spaghetti with tomato sauce. Hopefully you like to cook, because here’s a link to a recipe that purports to replicate it.

Thanks @maccrogenoff
I do like to cook, and I’ve seen this recipe a few times before, but it’s more steps than I usually go for because I’m lazy…plus, I liked the idea of going out for something like this.