Scopa venice - anyone been?

I have heard good things and thinking of going instead of Tasting Kitchen.

Both are quite good. I don’t think one is a whole lot better than the other. Scopa doesn’t do anything creative but does things well. TK is more adventurous.

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Thanks. Im told Scopa does a great lamb shank so it might work well for DOTM. Also heard that it is a bit more of a fun vibe.

I guess Scopa is a little more fun only because it has a bigger bar and maybe because is newer.
But both would be well-described as young/hip/hotspots where the general level of beauty exceeds the norm by several standard deviations.

Then clearly not a place for me (much of Silicon Beach isn’t, alas…)! ::snort::

Scopa is very good. Great bar. Nice small plates. Everyone orders the rice balls. The costs adds up quickly. Expensive.

Scopa has a much worst atmosphere if you actually want to sit down and talk to people and enjoy dinner together.

The Tasting Kitchen is probably a higher quality of cooking, but Scopa is fun to eat at because it is doing Italian American classics at an elevated level. That’s obviously pretty enjoyable, and somewhat unique.

You can’t go too wrong at either, as long as you understand the intensely loud “hip” atmosphere at Scopa you are walking into.

Here’s my post from a weeks ago.

I like it a lot - at the bar, notsomuch the restaurant. Great small plates, fantastic charcuterie.

It’s fun and young. Food is good. I wouldn’t put it in the 10 Ten Italian joints in L.A. but you can have a satisfying meal here.

Brunch is fun, but I did have a weird experience for brunch. (I’ve been looking for a Hal’s replacement and Scopa proved to be a possible alternative.) Ordered their “Fried eggs” - pork belly, white beans, rapini, tomato. And I guess the rapini was just so damn bitter unpleasant it through me off. And the side of bacon was tasteless. It tasted like bacon that was boiled and then fried - utterly tasteless. I mentioned it and the chef came out and we had a pleasant conversation (not sure what the problem was, but we were in total agreement).

I should go back soon.

Hal’s will be reopening on Abbot Kinney soon. They will be taking over the space where Primativo used to be - right next to Joe’s.

Hal’s will also be opening another unit in Playa Vista. I’m not sure when though.