Scratch Bar's Phillip Frankland Lee Relocates to Austin - and finds the City of LA Operating Indoor Dining at LAX

I try and stay out of the vitriolic politics surrounding COVID related closures, but I have to say, PFL has a very, very valid point here.
Also, I have to admire how he took the bold step of relocating somewhere that he can do his work legally.


I can see how he’s upset, but it’s apples and oranges. The airport must provide food to people who are stuck in the terminals. Per the LAX web site, food is sold only to go. His photos seem to show people keeping their distance from other travelers.

There should be national policies requiring proof that people are traveling for essential purposes, requiring quarantine after travel, requiring masks, and so on. Maybe by the end of the month there will be.

Austin’s on track to run out of ICU capacity this month.


Agreed. It’s not like restaurants are completely shut down. One can go get a to go order at any one of his places and also take it and eat on the airplane. These guys are just trying to start $#!+.



off to open another “concept” no doubt


He can open “The Platinum Bough” in Waco and aim for three stars (from the local publication).


Meanwhile… at La Buca… THIS… I will remember when it comes to my take out choices… #StaySafeEatWell




What a buffoon. Yes, allowing people to get food “to-go” from the fucking grim food court at LAX is exactly the same as having indoor dining at your restaurants. Enjoy Texas, buddy!


He’s not complaining about indoor dining being shut down.

He is. Take a look at his insta feed… He first shut down ALL his operations, including take out because what’s the point RITE?! And then he calls out to his industry buddies to invite him to do a pop up out of state. He doesn’t drive… but FLY to go to set up said pop up… makes this video. The Echo chamber hits. Flies BACK… makes another video… invading more people’s privacy and guess what… NO ONE WAS EATING IN THAT VIDEO EITHER. Then his latest is showing of all his table sell out at the pop up… As Caleb said… Texas can keep him.


I’m going just based on this one video/post.

out of a possible five.

But, even in this one post, he is actually not making much sense. One can validly debate whether outdoor dining contributes much to the spread, etc., but trying to compare an indoor/outdoor restaurant to what amounts to a food stand (in some instances) at the airport is a bit ridiculous, IMHO. Esp since the little I could see from his video indicated that there was very little business at said restaurants. It’s not like people who don’t need to travel are eating at the airport instead of at his restaurant.

I assume there are still vending machines in LA hospitals. Should we remove those to eliminate all possibilities for people unmasking and eating indoors using “government owned” vending machines? B/c, using the logic from his video, the answer might be, “Yes.”

I feel bad for his situation, but his rant is just a few steps away from looney conspiracy theories, IMHO.