SD cheap eats

The high end places are great but find myself much more commonly looking for comforting cheap eats.

Mine: Mi rancho market (corner of 9th and Escondido Blvd) in Escondido. Today had 3 al pastor and borrego tacos and then walked across parking lot to peterson’s donut corner for an apple fritter–total bill came to $9.00. Should you drive across SD to go here? No, but great stuff if nearby.


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Los Charros in Esco that used to be the old Pizza Hut is one of the best Mex/Taco shops evah…
Lourdes in Esco for fantastic chicken soup and good tacos and burritos
Antonelli’s Deli in El Cajon is one of the best deli’s around…hit up the Taylor Guitar tour at 1pm M-F…
All are cheap and damn good!

Hola Che

Papa Luna’s

Old Street Food (inside Zion Market)

Mexican Fiesta (Little Italy)

Chic-Boy (National City)

Supernatural Sandwiches
Ala Turca
Cali Baguette
TJ Oyster Bar
Wich Addiction

Forgive me, but

Supernatural Sandwiches as cheap eats?

Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but they are FAR from cheap.

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Not to completely disagree, but $10 for an Aphrodite, fresh shrimp and bacon grilled cheese, sandwich . . . is FAR from expensive or fine dining. More than half of their sandwich offerings are $10 or under. That qualifies big time IMO. The absolute most expensive item by far, is their Cthulhu lobster roll for $16. Other than that nothing goes above $13 and that’s for fresh seafood mind you.

ETA: Should have added Fathom Bistro, Bait & Tackle to my list.

But I find them very small portion. Again, no doubt about the quality of the ingredients or integrity of their product.

But I always leave hungry.

The wife and I never do. You must have a very healthy appetite!. :grinning:

Get the scallop chowder on the side, or the shrimp fried rice.

Sorry to jump on Rhonely, but Supernatural is not cheap eats. Especially when you are unemployed. LOL

Yeahhhhhhh Rhonely!


Mister Falafel.

J & T Thai Street Food

Chaba Thai

Filipino Food and Bakery

Kebab House

Papa Luna’s Empanadas


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Sab e Lee
Brigantine fish tacos happy hour
Konas cafe in PB
Cafe Athena
Bahia LJ
In and Out
Rubio’s Tuesday $1.50 fish tacos after 2:30

Okay you two. You can not pummel me into submission. Supernatural definitely qualifies as cheap eats, so there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

uh-oh…are you not working?

Tortas ahogadas from El Gallito.

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A Chau

Pho Hoa

Super Cocina

Tacos Al Panson

Deli Llama

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Is Toldyaso a new ramen place? (LOL)

I wish I had half as much money as you. LOL

Putting two kids through college right now means I have very little disposable income, but a $10 sanwich probably still doesnt break the bank. And despite what Fakey says, i often can’t finish it and have leftovers.