SD Day/Night Tripping - Baja California

Taking a cue from Rhonely, I wanted to share the fun I have been having in TJ going taco and craft beer hunting. I would love more detailed reviews of day trips down to Valle de Guadalupe and good eats in TJ. IMO the taco scene doesn’t get enough love here in comparison to the $5 hipster tacos around SD.

A few of us have been shooting down to TJ on weeknights to avoid a border wait. We typically make a run to Plaza Fiesta to have a couple of cerveza artisanals (craft beer) at one of the many tasting rooms and then run to Taco Alley or my personal favorite, Tacos Franc.

Adobada tacos at Tacos Franc. About $1.25 each at the current exchange rate. The pastor is usually empty by 11:30-12:00 and when that runs out they start shutting down. Families with children will be enjoying tacos right alongside Mr. Krispy even at midnight on a Tuesday.

Plaza Fiesta has a number of small tasting rooms for the burgeoning baja craft beer scene and is very close to the border by taxi or car. Tap rooms tend to close by 11:00-12pm during the week, and also have liquor and various other beers. I will try to get more pics up later. Here is a photo summary of my favorite bar in Plaza Fiesta, El Depa, which looks like my Grandma’s place when I was a kid. However, it showcases far better beer specifically Silenus.


Thanks for this…I’ve been meaning to get to Plaza Fiesta for the past year but just haven’t been able to do it. I have done three fun Valle de Guadalupe day trips over the past couple of months. There is so much to explore there.

Does Tacos Franc do delivery? NOTB? 24-7?

What’s their number?

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Those tacos look good, albeit it has meat but nothing like TJ Tacos…
Do you cab it to the border then taxi over?
You wearing those :dolphin: shorts when you head South…