SD meanderings

Kids’ soccer has been on a hiatus so have been able to do some decent eating the last couple of weeks.

Bracero (twice): not every dish has been great but at least to me most dishes have been really good…can’t think of a better Mexican restaurant in SD although sure that’s up for debate.

Monello: squid ink pasta is hardly innovative anymore but their version is so good. All the pastas I’ve had here have been good.

Village kitchen: maybe it’s just me but sometimes I feel like all the Mexican guys cooking at the Chinese restaurants around town were trained by the same Chinese chef…but not at village kitchen. The Hunan dishes while not life changing were good and thankfully different than the status quo around town. Supposedly no MSG too if that matters to you.

Green China grill: limited menu and the homemade noodles strangely lacked great chew but still tasty beef noodle soup.

Hodads: controversial to say the least but their burgers and onion rings are the real deal for me. Only go to downtown location because after waiting for an hour I get Honkmanesque grumpy.

Still so many others to try, Galaxy tacos and the BBQ place recommended by fake name at the top of the list.

Happy eating

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Solid red devil…were you on CH prior to FTC?
Can’t wait to try Ala Turca this week!

Galaxy Tacos = Bracero without the hype.

I like them both but Galaxy Tacos is a more relaxed and therefore, to me at least, a little more enjoyable

I agree DD. Also, don’t miss the totopos at Galaxy and check out their Facebook for a listing of which guest chef is on Tuesday Taco Take-over. On Tuesday’s at Galaxy you will get an additional special guest menu at a set price , that can offer some special and unique tacos at a very affordable price (usually 3 tacos and a beer for $20). Reservations recommended.

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I used to read CH first in LA and then SD but almost never posted. Started feeling guilty about taking everyone’s great advice without giving anything back. Also helps that when post stuff people don’t like in sd forum, people seem to ignore it rather than lash out.

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Not sure that I’d exactly equate Galaxy and Bracero, but I’m glad to see this kind of cuisine expanding in our local restaurant scene. All I’ve had at Galaxy so far is tacos, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I really should try something beyond that, it seems.

Finally made it to Galaxy tacos. Food was good. Like Bracero the tacos were good but not exceptional. The non-taco dishes , particularly the appetizers were very good. Location is nice and the restaurant is more laid back than Bracero although thought overall Bracero was better. However, I really haven’t been enough to either place to fairly compare them. Both places are highly recommended.

Yes, Galaxy’s location is a good one. That area makes for a nice place to walk around before or after dining. I think their tacos perk up by getting extra pico, and agree that all are enjoyable if not extraordinary. I like the environment at both Bracero and Galaxy; they’re just different – a good thing.

P.S. I’ve only been to Galaxy during lunch hours, when there are more taco offerings; my favorite is still the grilled yellowtail.

Just tried galaxy taco for first time. It’s a great place for some tacos and a beer on our beautiful sunny days. I had lengua, grilled fish and sweet potato tacos. The sweet potato was by far my favorite with a little heat to compliment the perfect sweet potato. I also enjoy the arugula in it. Next I like the lengua. Nice little chew, but very well cooked. I loved the salsa verde that I added to it. The fish was very fresh and tasted great. My only complaint was the tortilla feel apart too quickly. Btw the blue corn tortillas were fantastic. I will be back with friends to try more of the menu.

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