Sea Cucumber on the Westside?

Anyone know of places near Mar Vista / Santa Monica that serve Sea Cucumber on the menu?

Apparently sea cucumber contains anti-cancer properties and can help assist chemotherapy, and a good friend of mine is interested in trying it out in addition to the chemotherapy.


Hop Li (Santa Monica Blvd location is better than Pico) and Hop Woo (Olympic & Sepulveda) both serve sea cucumber.

The claims about its anti-cancer properties are dubious, but hey, sea cucumber tastes great, so try it out!


I agree that most articles are clickbaity, but this one is from a legitimate source. Seems to be more of a “we haven’t studied it enough to make a conclusion” than “it’s bunk.”

Anyway, my friend has a type of cancer that currently has no cure, so at this point, as long as it isn’t harmful, why the hell not?

EDIT: I’m looking at the Hop Woo menu online, and I don’t see it.

Agree completely. And it’s delicious!

And I just called Hop Woo. They took sea cucumber off the menu since the new Szechuan options were rolled out. BUT, Capital Seafood (Beverly Hills) does offer sea cucumber on their menu!

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Maybe your friend can load up at Wing Hop Fung and cook it at home?

Do they, though? I checked their menu, and I didn’t see it. I’m sure they have it, but I didn’t see it listed? Only as part of one of the family dinner sets, but not specifically a la carte…

He isn’t mobile anymore, but even if he were I don’t think I’ve seen him “cook” more than reheat and assemble prepared food items from Northgate-Gonzalez.

Yelp comes in handy for this… Maybe you were searching the gringo menu. On the menu at the restaurant, see items 048, 049, and 050… (photo courtesy of Yelp)

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I was searching their menu on their website.

Yes I searched that too before my last reply to you.

No worries; I just want to make sure the picture you posted is current. I’ve eaten there before, so I do know they have dishes available that aren’t necessarily on their menus in English.


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