Sea Salt Poké: A Pictorial Essay

Yes - More poke!

Sea Salt Poké offers a “build-it-yourself” model poke bowl: Choose your starch, protein, and garnishes. It is located in the space previously occupied by the (not-so-good) New School Kitchen, in the Olympic Collection.

Lots of garnishes keep it interesting. Kudos to the owners for offering all fresh ingredients. In addition, most of the sauces are housemade, including an interesting shoyu sea salt.

There is also a decently tasty “poke pizza”, which is a larger format of the crispy rice/tuna first made famous by Koi back in the last decade.

There are also “starchless poke” combos on the menu - An homage to the original Polynesian crudo creations which gave rise to the poke bowl.

Sea Salt Poké
11301 W. Olympic Bl. #106
Los Angeles, CA 90064


Should I read into the lack of discussion about the taste of the dishes?

IRRC @J_L uses the recommend or highly recommend in his formatting. So the omission of either is telling, or I am just reading into it too much as well.

I liked the bowl. All the ingredients were undoubtedly fresh. The rice was a bit cold, which kinda turned me off.

I predict the poke pizza will be a hit. Crispy rice + tuna = success in LA

Scads better than the dreck that was served at New School Kitchen before…

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Great pictures though :relaxed:.

[quote=“J_L, post:4, topic:3611”]
The rice was a bit cold, which kinda turned me off.
[/quote] I’m new to Poke. I didn’t know this was a thing. But Mainland’s rice was slightly warmed and very good.

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