Searching for French food

Other than Melisse, where can I get some French food? Solidarity!

Agreed. Having not been to Trois Mec, Petit Trois, or Bouchon, I can only offer the following:

Madame Monsieur. A quaint little sandwich place in DTLA. Try it for lunch.
Pitchoun. A big French place in DTLA with some good sandwiches and pastries. I’ve found the food hit and miss, but the sandwiches are pretty good.

Papilles or Napoleon and Josephine

Try the simple and purist crêpe au beurre sucré from Monsieur Thierry at Crêpes Dusigne at the Mar Vista Farmers market every Sunday.

If you’re lucky, he may ask if you’d like some Grand Marnier for your crêpe. If you’re not lucky, but brought your own Grand Marnier anyways (ahem…), then you may end up with a Grand Marnier crêpe…

Bon chance.

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Bouchon (Beverly Hills), Maison Giraud (Pacific Palisades), Petit Trois (Melrose/Highland) or Republique (La Brea/6th) are all great choices, or try one of the periodic LQ dinners in Pasadena.

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L’Assiette for good steak frites. I like their sorrel soup, too.


Don’t know where you are, but if you are by Eagle Rock, this is a very good option -

And if you are close to Tarzana, I have not been but friends highly rec this place.

There wS a fucking joint in Highlsnd park but now the name is seemingly escaping me.


Maybe you are thinking of Ba?

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Of course, Church and State in DTLA. Pleasant place. Never struck me as anything special. But I’m a sourpuss.

I’ve been to Beaujolais although that was maybe 7-8 years ago. Time for a revisit?

i’m pretty sure that’s it.


my fucking bad.

Bistro de la Gare in South Pas.

Other than the name, and the fact that Walter Manzke got some fame for doing French bistro food at Church + State, I have not found Republique very French. Perusing the menu I see they have escargot, so there’s that. I guess it is as Cal-French as many other places.

Petit Trois made me feel like I was in France.

what’s this fucking chowhound link you speak of ??? :smile:

or better yet OK to post it on this site, FTC.

Maison Giraud.

Although mostly not using French names, a number of the other dishes at Republique are also either things you would find at more traditional French restaurants or are twists on such dishes. For example, the roast chicken coq au vin, Dover sole, moules frites and steak frites, and onion tarte are all essentially classic French fare (as is the foie gras); the gruyere and potato beignets are a bit of a variant on gougeres and the duck at least nods toward Normandy preparations.


If you really want to feel like you’re in Paris but maybe not the best food in the world although more than passable, Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz definitely fits the bill.