Seattle - Jade Garden in the ID

I need to check with our daughter but we may have been eating here since she was an undergrad and she’s now 41! They seriously spiffed up the place in the last year or so and it’s nice and spare and modern, not Chinese banquet style :slight_smile:

These photos mostly suck but the food sure didn’t.

These ribs were especially meaty and tender.

Tofu skin stuffed with pork and vegetables. Wonderful and nice and hot.

IMneverHO :slight_smile: these are the best chicken feet ever…and the Chinese ladies just love it that we, non-Chinese, get these first!

Rice flour rolls with beef (we prefer that to shrimp). These could have been a tad hotter but still good.

All in with tea, tax and tip was $20. Will try to make it back while we’re here.

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Were back there this AM and got the fried tofu skin stuffed with shrimp and vegetables. They cook it to order and came out piping hot…


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First time since the remodel that we sat ‘upstairs.’ Crummy photo but quite lovely. And it seems their food just gets better and better.


Had our usuals and a new ‘usual,’ the shrimp and chive dumplings.

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We just can’t stop going here. In our opinion, it’s the best we’ve had here in Seattle.

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Nothing new this trip and a dish or two fewer. But a photo nonetheless :slight_smile: They open the doors at 9AM and here it was about 5 minutes later. This is one side of the main level room and there’s a big room barely upstairs. We left about 45 minutes later and there were about 10 waiting.