Seattle - Kamonegi and The Wood Shop

Since we haven’t eaten here I’ll just mention these in this one post. (Again our ‘foodie’ neighbors from dim sum recommended.)

One of their claims to fame is housemade soba noodles. Again, no time this trip but hopefully soon.

Our buds said even their picky Southern visitors rave about the BBQ.


Kamonegi is good. It would rival shops in Japan. Not that the space is small, and there might be a wait, particularly at peak times.


summer corn and foie butter - sautéed corn and lobster mushrooms with burnt soy sauce and a shio koji-foie gras butter
salty, didn’t blend well, like eating canned corn in melted butter


way too salty, soba didn’t have that satisfying texture. Broth was pleasant (though still very salty!). Ichimi Ann blows it completely out of the water.

Pros: Sergio in the house. Excellent service.
Cons: Unrefined. Sweltering hot day with the sun beating in as well. No AC (Seattle usual?)
I did not enjoy it.

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I’m a recent-ish Seattle transplant and finally had a chance to try Kamonegi. I’d echo the sentiment from @pocoloco about the soba. Really wanted to like it, but the texture is too smooth and lacks the subtle graininess you’d find just about anywhere else. The shape of the noodles was also slightly rectangular rather than square, almost resembling spaghetti to me.