Seattle - Whidbey Island - Toby's Tavern

If you can spare a day then head to Whidbey Island on a ferry. Go to Toby’s Tavern. Get the Penn Cove mussels. Oh, wait, I haven’t mentioned. The town of Coupeville sits on PENN COVE. So, yes, the mussels come from a few yards away. They’re simply the very best. Small and so tender. Yes, you can eat two pounds of them. We had to get a second basket of garlic bread. And a bottle of Hogue Sauvignon Blanc. Trust me.

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Back here today. So perfect. Small and tender and so flavorful.

Last time I took home the leftover “jus,” added some kind of liquid (can’t remember), then cooked some cod and grape tomatoes in it. So I brought it home again today.

Here’s where they came from - snapped from our booth.

Oh, and here’s the typical size.

ETA: Oops, forgot the garlic bread.

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