Seeking Ojingeo-Gui (Korean Spicy Whole Grilled Squid) a la Beverly Soon Tofu

Greetings all. It’s been some years since I’ve posted here, but I’m desperate. A favorite protein at the sadly-departed Beverly Soon Tofu in Koreatown was the whole grilled spicy squid, cut into slices at your table by a server with kitchen scissors, atop sizzling, caramelizing onions.

Trying to find somewhere else serving the dish, which I now know (after turning up recipes for it) is Ojingeo-Gui. To my amazement, I can’t find it anywhere. Various places, including Kobawoo, do spicy stir-fried squid, but seemingly nowhere with the all-important scissors!

Any help appreciated.



I think anyplace that offers it would snip it for you if you asked.

Yeah, they have stir-fried spicy squid (Ojingeo-tonggui), but not whole grilled. (The scissors are just a metaphor, lol!)

I went to Kobawoo last night, and they actually do have a whole chargrilled squid on the menu! It was delicious, but the spicy sauce came on the side, not grilled-in as at Beverly Soon, so not quite the nostalgia I was looking for.

Photo by Gavin L via Yelp.



Hanshin Pocha has Ojingeo Ganjang Butter Gui, squid with soy sauce and butter

Bonjuk also has it.


Welcome back!



Just about every soju bang I’ve been to has whole grilled squid on the menu, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spicy version.