Seeking recs for places with good wu gok


A few weeks ago I hit up my favorite dim sum takeout place in DTLA, and was reminded how much I like wu gok - I can even tolerate them if they are not warm or if they are a bit greasy.

I’m wondering if folks have recommendations of places with really good wu gok - I’ve seen raves about the ones at Elite, but was wondering if there are other places as well.

As always, thanks in advance.


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King Hua

I’m waiting for more comments to try and figure out what wu gok is. It’s a fun game I play on FTC.


Deep fried taro dumpling.

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If you’re ever in SF, try the ones at Yank Sing.

Yay - glad to know I’m not the only one playing! Do you also play the “What in the world does that abbreviation refer to?” game on here? Cause that one frequently has me stymied. (Though I expend my frustration by consuming chocolate, which does help.)

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But my way is so much more fun. :slight_smile:

(P.S. I am totally saving that to send to annoyimg people.)

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OMG, that is my absolute fave dim sum! Shi Hai used to have an amazing version, and then went downhill. I’ve been told the chef went to Longo Seafood. There they make a version of it called the BeeHive Cream Pastry. Fantastic!! Get thee there!

PS I had to google it! I always call it deep fried taro.

Ipse, Xochitl and Robert - thank you so much for the suggestions - I’ve been wanting an excuse to try both Longo and King Hua, so you given me the perfect reason.

Ns1 - I figure out lmgtfy after I Googled it.

Again, much thanks all!


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Love Wu Gok! Have not been back to Longo since opening week. Thanks for the heads up.