Seeking To Buy Fresh Octopus in LA, Any Ideas FTC?

Hi folks, looking to make a greek grilled dinner on Sat night and looking to buy some fresh octopus/ tentacles…any idea where to buy it in LA? I know that Santa Monica Seafood sells it frozen and the Jap markets sell tentacles for sushi but hoping for something fresher? Thanks for any ideas!

Maybe try Galleria Market in Koreatown. I’m pretty sure they had fresh squids and baby octopuses; not sure if they have big tentacles, though.

Thanks for the reply, they only sell baby octopi …def seeking larger tentacles.

Call the guys at Roe Seafood (Long Beach) or West Coast Seafood (Simi Valley). My only other suggestion is the seafood department at the Asian markets.

The morning seafood market downtown… forget the name… you have to go super early… they got it though. are you experienced in octopus? it is easily the most difficult protein i’ve tried to cook… 3 failures so far.

Have you tried Cape Seafood?

“If you don’t see it in the shop, give us 48 hours and we will do our best to procure it as long as it meets our standards of quality and sustainability.”

yelp looks promising but the lack of displayed prices is a real turnoff =X

International Marine Products?

@Ns1 I’ve gotten a lot of good product from there over the years. The pricing is comparable to Roe.

either that or Los Angeles Fish Co… i haven’t been i just heard there’s a morning market for restaurants that’s open to public and they have large fresh octo

I don’t think IMP is open to the public anymore.

pacific fresh fish in dtla would be good place to call. los angeles fish co. doesn’t seem to have as good a selection the few times i’ve went compared with pacific fresh fish.

Ive never heard of Roe, thank you! 99 Ranch has frozen only from Philipines.

Nope, Ive never tried to cook but have a good recipe. What methods have failed you? Are you talking about Pacific Seafood?

Great idea and yes I tried. Frozen from Spain at $11/ lb…love this place though, they are coming to Sat farmers market in SAMO!

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Will try IMP and LA Fish Co …thanks!

pacific fresh fish co.
700 e 6th st.
213 623-6220

you can call ahead to see if they have it in stock and definitely go before 9 am, they typically sell out the later you go.

Dry Dock Fish Company in Fullerton sells whole octopus and attends several farmers’ markets in LA. You could call them to make sure they bring what you’re looking for.

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Thank you! Will try them later this week

Thanks, great tip! Unfortunately they are only in LA on Sundays :frowning: