Seiko crab at Shunji

Aka Premium queen snow crab. Who’s going to be the first to try it?


Saw that too on his IG page. Short season, maybe over in another month.

Kusakabe (SF) posted pictures of having them as well. On the small side.

Seiko gani from Sushi Mori (now Sushi Mori Tomoaki), Hong Kong 2 years ago.


Thanks for the heads up, had some for lunch today. Very nice roe, and not necessary to get your hands messy. All the meat has been removed and stuffed back into the shell.

Btw, place does not seem as tightly run when Shunji is away.


No sir. Thank YOU for going and reporting back with photo. Looks awesome.

You’re most welcome. Btw stumbled upon a flickr illustrating how it’s prepared. Making of Seiko-Gani(crab) cuisine 20081206 | Flickr

That’s interesting…throwing the crab legs and stuff in the rice cooker.

that whole flickr is really interesting.

Wow. They serve stuff other than just mere sushi during the fucking lunch hour ???

Thanks man.

Is this crab being served anywhere else in town?

Here’s a shot of the Seiko gani miso as nigiri, over aka shari (Sushi Mori Tomoaki, Hong Kong, this past January). If you can find a prep for the miso like this, do try it!

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Not that I’m aware of, perhaps at Kiriko or Yamakase.

Some additional crab porn pics

Contrary to popular claims on FTC/CH gold flakes are not confined to Go’s. They use 'em in Japan too.

[quote=“Sgee, post:10, topic:1667”]
Some additional crab porn pics
[/quote]Not from Shunji, correct?

Japan pics, sent from a friend on his quarterly food pilgrimage