Sendero / Corteza (DTLA)

Warrior: Sentero is the name for a new group of restaurants in the space where WP-24 used to be. Corteza is the name for the Latin American restaurant. (Why there is a name for the group of restaurants, I don’t understand.). Corteza’s highs (poussin and black tamale) were about as good as the erstwhile Broken Spanish’s highs. The vegan panna cotta dessert was delightful. The aguachile negro was fine but inferior to the similar ceviche negro at Coni’Seafood. The Oaxacan string cheese fundido was rubbery nonsense. 4.5 Warrior Points. The cocktail was good. The wine list was New World focused, poor in Old World wines, and overall disappointing.

Peony: likable food, but not impressive. The ingredient quality is good. But nothing really special.

Sort of an upscale hotel food courr?

It’s not really a food court. We never saw the steakhouse; it’s in a walled off room. To me, it was just like any other hotel that has two restaurants.