I will be going to Seoul for a week later this year. Would love to have any recs folks have. A lot of the low hanging fruit online just tells you to eat street food. Of course, I’m sure that’s good, but I’d love to get a bit further into the weeds and get specific recs, if anyone has em.

6 years later. This is the best Korean seaweed of all time. I can get the actual address and location if you need. The business name literally translates into Grandpa’s Seaweed. Our friend brought us back a few packages. Each individual pack of the seaweed is vacuum sealed. There about 20 individual sealed serving sizes that are then vacuum sealed in another larger plastic bag.

This is in a different category. All you need is some fresh white rice. I could eat this all day. Perfectly roasted, crisp, salted with a light coat of sesame oil.

If anybody is actually in need of Seoul restaurant recs I have a whole bunch shared with me from friends who live/visit often.


Post em here!

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