September 2016 Weekend Rundown

Where did the year go …


Weekend started early. Desano pizza, definitely a step up from 800D POTD. Good cannolis too. Wish I had one of those ovens in my backyard


Gjusta & Titos…Nice…src=“//” width=“500” height=“500”>


I caught the tail end of the Revolution in the Making exhibit at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel and was hoping to indulge in some pistachio gelato from the Bulgarini Gelato cart, but no such luck. In order to slake my thirst for a frosty treat, I stopped by Amazebowls to get my mitts on their coconut acai bowl, a certifiable Instagram darling in the clean eating circles. There was a line snaking around the store and growing longer by the minute due to the labor intensive nature of their creations. The staff kindly comped everyone their bowls. Personally, I didn’t find the wait to be unreasonable since they carefully compose each bowl.

My bowl started off with an acai base and was topped off with granola, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, shredded coconut, and edible flowers. At $8.50, this treat is priced comparably to other acai bowls in the city, although you do get considerably less fruit in the coconut shell. Ordering the coconut acai bowl makes sense for a great photo opp., but I’ll stick to their concoctions in the mildly unattractive plastic containers since you get a more generous portion of fruit. Besides, I’m a real greedy guts.

It was a perfectly refreshing treat and a fitting tribute to the last vestiges of summer. I’ve been gnawing at the coconut meat from the bowl (my memento mori of summer, if you will) for the past couple of days.

One Santa Fe
300 South Santa Fe
Los Angeles, CA 90013

They also have a food truck that’s by USC on weekdays and at Smorgasburg on Sundays.


Gjusta. Smoked trout on bialy with cream cheese, tomatoes and capers.


Saturday lunch trotting around Phoenix.

Pizzeria Bianco - Sonny Boy (salami, olives) and a Margherita w/ sausage and mushroom. Absolutely fantastic as always.


How long was your wait???

20 minutes. Quickest I’ve had yet. The wait times are not what they used to be since they started opening at 11am and Bianco expanded his pizza offerings at his other establishments. But seriously, no drop in quality what so ever.


I did a late Sunday lunch at Bianco and just walked on in.


Yah I was curious about the other branches. So all the other branches that Mr. Bianco isn’t at, they just just as good? That’s good to know.

#little sister

fried pork spare ribs, tamarind, eggplant

pork shrimp crab dumplings, spicy black vin dressing

grilled lemongrass chicken banh mi


Oh, I hope I was clear. This was at the original location. I can’t speak for the other branches, as I haven’t dined at any of them.

I really do think that opening up the hours helped quite a bit with the wait times.


#Sushi tsujita

kaisendon platinum - tuna, salmon, sea bream, unagi, scallop, shrimp, kanpachi, toro, uni, ikura, and tamago #gottaeatemall



Stopped by the new Playa Vista location for one of their “soft opening” dinners. There was a good sized crowd (lots-o-families), and luckily they paced the seating so that once you sat, your food came in short order. I’ve only been to the Sawtelle location once before, but everything we had on this trip was solid. I don’t think anyone will be wow’d by the food at ROC, but for the Westside, I think it’s a tasty option. The staff was very friendly and attentive, which hopefully continues when they’re fully open.

Crab & Pork Dumplings / Pickled Szechuan Cucumbers / Scallion Pancake / Three Cup Chicken / String Beans / Veggie Fried Rice (this was my highlight) / Spicy Chicken Dumplings / Black Sesame Sweet Buns (treat status)




black sesame shaved ice / sliced almonds / mochi / condensed milk


salad pizzaz

bbq chicken / popeye’s chicken

Happy Labor Day, ya turkies.


Baby Blue BBQ Venice…they were out of beef ribs.


Alright. Stupid questions time…

Are you supposed to put the soy sauce/wasabi on top, do you dip individually, or do you eat it all plain?

Poking around on the WWW (World Wide Web), it seems like it may vary based on preference, but is there a “right” way to do it?

Also, I was curious about the difference between Kaisendon and Chirashi and found this definition:

  • “The difference between them lies on the rice. Kaisendon uses normal rice whereas Chirashi Sushi uses sushi rice or vinegared rice.”

But is there a practical difference?, i.e., do you eat one rice with the fish and not the other? Or is it just preference? One random source I found said the following, but I’m still not super clear why chirashi would be more casual than kaisendon… Is it the fish quality?

  • "When you’re on the run or don’t want to be bothered with sitting down in a crowded kaitenzushi place, then chirashizushi is really great.
    When eating chirashizushi, you don’t need to treat it like other sushi. No need to dip the slices of fish in soy sauce/wasabi – just put your condiments directly into the chirashizushi if you want to, and shovel it into your mouth like a donburi (rice bowl) dish with a spork or chopsticks. But usually, it’s usually already prepared with no real need for extra flavoring."


I’m no expert (just an expert at transporting food from my plate to my mouth) but i don’t think there is a “right” way. My preference is to take a piece of fish, put some wasabi on it, dip it in soy sauce, put it back on the rice and eat it with the rice. This gives me more control over how much wasabi/soy sauce I get with each bite and won’t get the rice too soaked with soy sauce.

At sushi tsujita not only is the rice different between the kaisendon and chirashi but the cuts of fish in the chirashi are also cut into smaller more bite sized pieces. You can eat the whole chirashi bowl with the spoon that they provide.


Between the kaisendon and chirashi, which do you prefer? TIA.

I prefer the kaisendon, here’s what i wrote in another thread:


Awesome. Thanks!