September 2017 Weekend Rundown

+1. Asking for me.

@Bookwich @BubblyOne that is my buddy hahahaha

Interesting. A lot of reputable sources have cited Al Noor as belonging to the top end of Indian food in LA. Have you tried Al Watan down the road from them?

FWIW, whenever we’ve gone for weekday dinners, the majority of the diners are of Indian heritage.

Where else have you tried that you would recommend that is better than Al Noor?

Bilal in Inglewood has always been great.
Now I see there is a New Bilal - so I am confused.
And I should add, it has been more than 2 years since my last visit.

Front Page Jamaican, next door, makes great whole fish dishes (either grilled, roasted or steamed).

Call ahead, you must.

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Have you been recently? There was some downhill reports earlier this year. I haven’t been there in a while.

We stopped by after the Inglewood Earth Day Jazz Festival down the street at City Hall.

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Just had Front Page on Friday. Had the jerk chicken – it was great. Last time I had it before that was about 6 months ago. Didn’t notice any change in quality. If anything, I got more chicken than before – couldn’t finish it!

They were out of ginger beer by 1pm though – I was not happy about that.


Rib Tips at Phillips




This is from the Mallmann event last night at Hotel Bel-Air, right? We loved it last year, but couldn’t make it this year.

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Grabbed the Jade Noodles @ Luv2eat last night solo before catching a film…too good


I had the Luv2Eat Jade Noodles this weekend, as well. They’re insane. I think I’d put them on my Los Angeles Mount Dishmore.

I had Luv2Eat as well…

Had the Yen Ta Fo and Pork Leg Rice. (Love the Jade Noodles and Hokkien Noodles as well). Also met the owners and they were sweethearts. Told one of them that the Braised Baby Squid at Crying Tiger is one of the best dishes I had this year.


The Edison is gorgeous! Food and cocktails are pretty bad, but the space! There is a very steep three-flight staircase that descends into a wonderland. BTW, do not wear your highest wedgies to try to get down that staircase… The room branches into alcoves, with leather seats and beautiful lighting. The original generators are there, and other mechanical equipment, and brick walls. It’s like a museum, but a nightclub. I love it.

I liked the French fries, they were like McDonald’s fries, but better. And the fried onion rings under the icy-cold deviled eggs were also very good.

Seriously, the food and drinks are awful, but it’s so beautiful. I feel I could spend hours there with simply French fries and a vodka soda. The service is a wee bit hipster,
but very friendly.

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Finally made it over to Phat Birds. Got three orders of the 1/4 chicken; leg and thigh, one each of the flavors, traditional, nashville hot and honey. Also got some corn fritters, the chicharron and two mint lemonandes. $35 after tax. The QPR here is really good. $5.50 for two pieces of chicken this size and quality is pretty good, comes with piece of bread. They also offer combos with two sides and a soda.

Nashville hot and the honey

Corn fritters
Corn Fritters

PhatBirds Chicharon

With the weather getting nice and a cool evening breeze, we thought ramen would be a good choice. Kotoya Ramen in Culver City

The spicy, adding egg and bean sprouts, comes with cabbage and onion. I think I like the traditional better with green onion and bean sprouts.
Kotoya Ramen

Closeup of the egg
Kotoya Ramen egg


Hit up Burgers never say die and grabbed two burgers today!
Wait was about an hour and a half wait so put in my order and hit the Pearls BBQ pop up and grabbed a briskit taco (beans, brisket, fried egg) and came with a coffee for 6 bucks…not bad.

Then headed back to BNSD, really nice little operation with tables and board games for people to hang out/wait.

The burgers were along the lines of a in n out almost, but with much more flavor. Thing style patties with cheese, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard… I love the crispy bun the most so good. 5 bucks each for a Double…Check this out if you’re in the area. Sundays only in Hollywood


BNSD definitely looks like something I would love. Love the Goonies tribute in the name. Thanks for the review. I love classic and/or simple cheeseburgers.

Maybe it’s from having McD’s as a kid but I love the combination of ketchup/mustard/onions/pickles!

Too bad Yuca’s on Hillhurst is closed on Sundays, otherwise I would bang bang

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If you’re tired of Tonkotsu, Rakkan Ramen in J-Town has a good variation of ramen (no Tonkotsu) I had the Kohaku (shoyu) which was pretty good. Next time I want to try their shio, and their tomato based broth.


I love tomato ramen. Where is J-town?