September 2017 Weekend Rundown

Love your coverage of little saigon, keep it up.


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Thanks! :slight_smile: In the first dish, I didn’t see any Cornish Hen. Is it buried underneath the peanuts? Or just chopped up into bits? Thanks.

Hen=Clam in Vietnamese!

Should have wrote that better or made a note.

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Blinkie’s Donuts! Woodland Hills


I do what I can!

There is so much good stuff in Little Saigon that I haven’t even touched.

Hi @wienermobile,

Nice! :slight_smile: I read about the Black & Whites. How were they?

I think they might be the best donuts in The Valley…



Finally tried 'em! Partner, for unclear reasons, purchased SIX of the stuffed donuts. Oy.


Nice! How was it? :slight_smile:

Strange indeed… Usually TWELVE is the number to get.


Well, we haven’t finished them! They’re quite good, although I don’t know if I’m FTC-ish to make it out there in the future unless I’m kinda sorta driving nearby. These are not elevated pastries and are comfort food at their best. But one strawberry donut is way too much for one person (IMHO). Best to split btw 2 or even 3! Have you tried one? I think it’s def worth a try.

Okay, but you got kids, right? Them kids have GI tracts that are way more, er, ADAPTABLE than is mine! :wink:


Thanks @paranoidgarliclover. No, I’ve never tried it yet. :sweat_smile: It always feels a bit far, but besides that, reading some mixed reports I wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

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It is: also get the Tiger Tail. Not highfalutin donuts, by any means, but the fresh strawberry donuts are unique and can be crave-worthy. The plain glazed cruellers are also very good. I don’t love many of their filled donuts, but I don’t much care for them in general. Apple fritters, when fresh, can also be marvelous - when older, not so much. (Though a friend uses them in bread pudding and that is pretty delicious.)