September 2019 Weekend Rundown

They are better than the tacos for sure. Very greasy, but at least it had flavor. All the grease made my stomach uneasy. I don’t get this place either. The tortillas are nothing special. My chorizo taco barely had any chorizo nor chorizo flavor and tasted mostly of eggs. And stay away from the charro beans, it was not good. Never been to other locations but Playa Vista was just bad to meh.


Bought some last minute (few hours actually) to John Williams at the Bowl.

Imperial March 10/10 Highlight
Indiana Jones Theme 10/10 Highlight

No Harry Potter though…

Pregame at Western Doma Gooksu

Got the Spicy Seafood Soup. Nice selection of banchan nothing too crazy all pretty damn solid, I like the eggplant, spinach, green chile pepper and the sprouts the best today. I’ll come back for the dak dori tang one day


I am so sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your experience. Salsa is not generally super spicy with Tex-Mex. I thought the salsas were very flavorful. I usually get extra to take home. And I love the old-school flour tortillas.

I suppose if one grows up eating Los Angeles style tacos, it would be different enough that you wouldn’t particularly enjoy it. (I dislike queso dip so much!)

For a short time in my youth, we went back and forth to San Antonio and Albuquerque, and this tastes authentic to me. The chorizo taco, especially. I did not like the bacon and egg taco at all.

The beans have bacon pieces, in case anyone is looking for some serious Tex-Mex food, lol.

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The salsas were fine, and between four tacos and the migas, I damn near killed half the bottle of green salsa. I needed that much salsa for the tacos because they were lacking in flavor. The tortillas were odd in texture and needed something. Not sure what the disconnect between the migas and the tacos were because there was definitely chorizo flavor in the migas, although I found the migas to be standard chorizo egg flavor. And the tacos were not very cheesy, which is something I personally (and perhaps wrongly) attribute to Tex Mex, something about Tex Mex usually screams cheese.

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I agree on the egg chorizo–the taco feels like overcooked egg flavored with chorizo oil, as opposed to actually having chunks or a good amount of chorizo. I like the pecos taco best.

The Sicilian frittata from Blu Jam (Brentwood). I don’t quite get the long lines at at this place. @SpockSpork and I have been there 3 times (combined) now, and the food, while clearly prepped from high-quality ingredients, is really, really underseasoned and bland. I put a LOT of salt, a bit of habañero sauce (which had little heat), and it was still pretty tasteless. A shame.

South End yesterday. I wrote about it briefly here. Pics are too dark (see below). Loved it (incl whatever rosé they were serving).


Tire Shop Taco ‘AM’

Taco El Compita - taco dorados & Barbacoa

Khao Soi Gai - Northern Thai Food


Damn man Northern Thai Food Club, Ngu Binh, Cococane and Tire Shop Taqueria!!! You ate good this weekend! Those are some of my favorite places.


Okay, I get that. I’m not much of a meat person, so that works for me. :slight_smile: I think chorizo flavored eggs taste great! But I know exactly what you are talking about, my friend said the same thing.

@A5KOBE I don’t like melted cheese on meat, so we are probably on a different wavelength here. I usually ask for no cheese. :slight_smile:

San Marzano tomato confit with white anchovies on ciabatta, dinner at Gjusta


Lou The French on the Block (Burbank)
Tried their tuna pâté pan bagnat for lunch today. Fresh baguette filled with tuna, mayo, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce. It was probably the best tuna sandwich I’ve ever had…there was a hint of lemon in it that made the usual tuna and mayo mix light and bright. It’s made in advance and refrigerated like a pan bagnat should be, but there were parts of the baguette that was still a bit crisp. While it is $12, it was a super filling and giant sandwich…I think that if I hadn’t skipped breakfast, I probably would have been okay eating half.
Also had the eclairs @Ns1 suggested…and they are indeed delicious. Great choux pastry and vanilla pastry cream. I was not a fan of their decorative fondant or topping…it was entirely too sweet and artificial tasting, so I peeled it off and was much happier.


Maybe this deserves its own post…

Lately around Anaheim and Santa Ana I been seeing these small street stands offering


Well that’s new I never seen those before or maybe I wasn’t paying much attention in my travels thru LA/OC food scene.

So a little Google Fu…


I found a stand in Anaheim just north of Little Arabia area. I parked because curiosity got the best of me.

My first thoughts of the tejuino…

Very refreshing, get a hint of the fermented corn some tart from the lime, a dash of salt. For me seems like a distant taste cousin of sour plum drink in a way.

The tepache was sold out so I didn’t get to try it.
I would prejudge and say that it is probably more appealing to most with the use of pineapple.

Not sure if East LA/Boyle/South Central has this


Bizarra Capital - Philadelphia St - Uptown Whittier

Spent the day watching our godson’s :martial_arts_uniform: :medal_sports: tournament, which happened to be in Whittier. Perfect because your thread revival put tacos on the mind @Chowseeker1999 (we got to kill a bunch of birds with one stone). Afterward, tacos were the name of the game. Since big cocktails were also in order we opted for sit-down.

:sweat_drops: Quenching Fresh Fruit Water / Agua Fresca Margaritas w/Daily Fresh Fruit Blends (cucumber, lime)


Faustino (mitcher’s whiskey, orange, bitters,
st. germain liqueur) / Chips & Salsa

Enjoyable drinks. No complaints. The chips were okay. But the salsa was :yum:. Vegetarians Beware: the delicious, piquant savoriness of the salsa comes from a skosh of chicken broth. So good. And nice heat from the red serranos.

Esquites - Roasted Corn, Epazote Broth, Cojita Cheese, Lime-Mayo, Fresh Crab, Bacon Crumbles

I planned to order the Calabacitas (sautéed summer squash) @glazedonut but somehow didn’t. This was a scary dish to order because it’s the type that could easily go wrong. Talk about gilding the lily. All those fattening ingredients, plus crab meat travels south to fishy quickly out of the shell. Fears allayed. :slightly_smiling_face: The crab was fresh and everything was in moderation. I didn’t taste much epazote in the broth, but dig deep to the corn on the bottom and it is a very good dish. I did request the bacon on the side for others to sprinkle (Sally Albright is my alter-ego). Maybe it set the dish off more, but I didn’t want it.

Tacos de Camaron - Grilled Shrimp, Cabbage, Cilantro, Morita Cream Salsa

Nice, fresh shrimp, good tortillas and creamy sauce. Tasty combos of flavor & texture (a tad salty). Would order again.

Tacos de Papas - Crunchy Fried Taco Shell, Potato, Manchego Cheese, Green Chile Salsa

I’m picky about potato tacos. I like a lot of crispy, crunch. The potatoes were soft & creamy and the fried tortilla made up for the softness of the potatoes. I should have taken off most of the greens before snapping it like I did before eating it. :relaxed: I don’t like soft greens on warm food. But it’s another taco I’d order again.

Enmoladas de Pollos - Poblano & Mole Verde Chicken Enchiladas, Cream, Pickled Onions, Sesame

I only had a couple of bites. The moles were tasty with good heat, but the white meat chicken was too dry. A common mistake but kinda’ surprising from the Guisado champs.

Not pictured, not tried: My cousin LOVED her Avocado Toast w/Lox, Fried Egg & Salsa Verde. She actually changed her mind about giving me a bite. Fine, I was too full anyway. Her hubby ordered the Costa Azul - Prawns Stuffed w/Ham & Cheese, Wrapped in Bacon. Um hum, sounds like a heart attack wrapped in bacon. I didn’t try it. But again, the kitchen used restraint. It looked like they only put a small amount of cheese and a thin slice of ham. They looked to-die-for, so to speak. Everybody loved them. :kissing_closed_eyes: The little, obstacle course champ had a Cheese Quesadilla. I wasn’t super hungry but had taco brain. I’m looking forward to checking out more menu items like the Pulpo (octopus), Chimichangas, Mole Fries, a lot of stuff. Especially, since we can walk there!

Apologies, my snapping was rushed because my phone was appropriated by a 9 yr old who was polite enough to let me take a few snaps between rounds of Clash Royale.

On another note and another plus - we can throw a stone from BC and hit our son & daughter-in-law’s place. So, we got to see the little family. I was surprised to find they don’t frequent BC. Daughter-in-law likes it, but son is probably not feeling the love for their gourmet taco and their gourmet price. :slightly_smiling_face:

The meal + 5 cocktails = $160+tip

Thanks for the recs @attran99 et al! Great day!


At least the one time I was there Baroo had tepache also (which makes sense given their proclivity for fermentation).

It seemed a bit sharp but I’m sensitive to vinegar outside of strictly non-savory applications. Adobo that would make your toes curl is A-okay but most fruit is just too sour for me. That said, it was certainly drinkable and reminded me of a more acid forward drinking vinegar or shrub.


This deserves to be posted twice. It looks mouth watering!


Kobe Bryant’s “Muse”.

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I actually saw Kobe read “Dear Basketball” at the Bowl on John Williams night! (2 years ago I think…)

But yes Kobe is known to take unconventional inspiration and muses from outside of basketball and apply it. He’s a smart guy. I miss Kobe. I miss Jordan. NBA is pretty meh to me now.




Had a very disappointing first time at Bulgarini today for gelato. The flavor of the pistachio gelato was too firm. And the texture was just not balanced—it felt like shoving 30 ground pistachios in your mouth at once, almost too much. Hoping it was just an off day, but my girlfriend’s straciatella was also pretty ordinary. Bacio di Latte in Century City is better.

Also, I will say, having just been all over Italy where I had like 3 gelatos a day, including at great places like Otaleg, Vivoli, and Venchi among others, this texture and style was unrecognizable to me. Not saying it is inauthentic, but certainly was very different than what I’ve had in Italy.

It was your first time going or your first time being disappointed?