September 2022 Rundown

Bill is in the mail @JeetKuneBao


Double fisted pork sandwiches! How was the char siu sandwich? No bang bang?

I am sad that I am not at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend for John Williams. Can someone go for me lol and post pictures of what food you bringing in!


I was there last night. What a joy and John did AMAZING!! Three encores and one was a premiere!

No photos of what we brought, we had a late start because… news… and so we had to rush to get there in the stiffling heat. We barely made it before the show started and so scarfed what we brought…

What I was able to do on an otherwise crazy day was to head over to my favorite sushi to go spot, UOBEI. By the time I got there at 4p, the pickings were slim, but I still managed to get one of the Chef Special rolls of the day, A california roll topped with yellow tail and then topped with a paper thin sliced piece of lemon (I LOVE THIS!. I also got the CHUBBIEST spicy tuna handroll. I am not a huge fan of spicy tuna, but UOBEI has a knock out version. As we munched on it, the girl next me was like… Is that a Sushi Burrito?!? It was so good.

What really sets UOBEI appart is their Shari. It’s from Japanese rice and cooked to PERFECTION. Real restaurant quality. Their ingredients are top notch. They aren’t cheap, but aren’t that much more expensive when you compare to Sushi that is sold down the street at Whole Foods. I head over there nearly once a week… also love their teriyaki bowl and their teriyaki glazed brussel sprouts (which we also had) are amazing. Highly recommend to anyone who works downtown or has conferences there or needs to pick up a Hollywood Bowl or dodger game to go on the way there… especially on a hot day…

If I had more time and we could enjoy eating at the picnic tables at the bowl, I would have gotten a bento from Guzzu. We tried them on their opening week and OMG. Such deliciousness and the packaging is delightful.

Top Layer

Bottom Layer

Next time!



Ok, I missed WTF these are… I need these in my life…now!!

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Arisu Korean BBQ is an old school type of place that doesn’t get a ton of hype but very good. We prefer this over Baekjong up the street because they have better ban chan, better nnaegmyun and meat quality is on par. The nnaegmyun broth is not nearly as sweet as others which is our preference. The only thing we didn’t love is the galbi marinade. It’s on the sweet side and tastes more like bulgogi marinade. The galbi comes in a combo with the nnaegmyun and it’s sliced super thin. The other meats were great especially the pork jowl.


Guzzu and Uobei added to my mental list of places to go for Hollywood Bowl. Just need some Hitachino and Orion.

Uobei has saba bouzushi, premium futomaki, and real crab California rolls! Pair that with that bento from Guzzu :heart_eyes:. They also make custom rolls too.

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If you need a quick dinner for the family in that same plaza Wagyu Meat and Grill has really good beef teriyaki bowls. Ran by a nice Korean family. I think that KBBQ place used to be called Aria. I love the combination of naengmyun and grilled beef. Agree with Baekjong the wait is almost always at least an hour and the banchan is just okay. If I am going to wait in OC it will be for Shik Do Rak.

Love the stretch of good Korean food from Cerritos/Norwalk into La Palma/Buena Park/Fullerton than a few miles away on Garden Grove Blvd. We can thank the high performing Sunny Hills High School for that lol



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Breakfast in Inglewood this morning.

Catfish breakfast with 2 eggs and potatoes was so good!

Wifey got the waffle and eggs, grits and bacon.


Hello live and direct from Flushing Queens!

Maxi Noodle House.

Wonton Noodle Soup with dace fish balls. Ho sik ho mei!!! Best wonton mee I had since Noodle Boy (SGV). Perfect comfort food for a rainy day here.


Best grits in town!! Lovely folks too. :slight_smile:

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More Flushing

New Flushing Bakery Portuguese Egg Tart. I wish these were piping hot. Very good though. Still like Golden Gate Bakery in SF Chinatown (are they even still open lol) and Jim’s Bakery in MP as my #1 and #2.

White Bear wontons in chilli oil. Good but maybe a little overrated by the local NY’ers. I actually like the sauce more at DTF.

Shanghai You Garden to-go Peking duck buns at $2.50. Not a bad bite for the price. Double the meat and skin would be perfect but I get it. NY’ers like something cheap and good that you can eat on the street or walking.

Peach oolong milk tea. Break time. The drinks shops are also the best place to use the restroom.

Thoughts so far this is the most Chinese AF area I been in. Maybe because of the density of buildings and people. Completely different vibe compared to San Gabriel Valley and San Francisco. Very lively. If you think Stockton St or Clement St in SF is lively Flushing x 100. So much sensory overload. Basically if they compacted Valley, Garvey and Colima into a smaller dense area. Manhattan Chinatown is kinda similar but also different. Flushing feels more “new”.


Try The Congee next time you are out here

Really good wonton soup? - #38 by CiaoBob


Chelsea Market. Los Mariscos y Los Tacos No 1.

Okay despite the location these are pretty damn good tacos and probably some of the best on the east coast.

Los Mariscos….fish taco on a handmade corn tortillas. Umm yeah fish tacos places in LA are not doing made to order handmade tortillas by a tia. Not sure about San Diego. The fry was slightly soggy but otherwise this is a damn good fish taco. In NYC at Chelsea Market lol of all places. Also on the menu is shrimp cocktails, ceviches, and aguachiles. The aesthetics is straight outta of Mexico.

Los Tacos No 1. Same the design is pretty much outta Tijuana complete with the all white uniforms, tia or prima making the tortillas, and the dudes making and assembling the taco/meat. I had the asada btw but I didn’t like the pic. It’s missing the mesquite that the good TJ asada specialists in South Central use. Flavor is still tasty but not the same. The adobada is excellent and it’s done properly with the spit and pineapple. Each taco is smeared in LARD lol awesome. I would say it’s the taco to get here.

The taco scene in LA is just ridiculous now. Other major cities will not catch up but I give props to this place. Pretty damn good I would put them and South Philly Barbacoa as the best tacos out here so far. Will have to check out Brooklyn and Queens but my research doesn’t look promising. BTW the birria trend has reached here and it’s not good. La Unica in Boyle will smoke all of them. God I miss La Unica is it still banging?

Picked up some moon cakes at Pearl River Mart

#TeamLotus #TeamCantoStyleMooncakes

Also I went to the New World Mall food court in Flushing. Damn pretty impressive with the offerings. Found a northern/Shandong-Korean spot with dumplings. I wanted to like it but it was actually kinda bland, had the fish and 3 flavors. BTW y’all have been to Qingdao Bread Food in MP right? They do them dumplings right. Especially fish. Cindy’s Kitchen in Rowland/Hacienda does a really good 3 flavor.


los mariscos was my godsend when I was in NYC for grad school. Also, i’d sometimes trundle over to empellon al pastor for margaritas and tacos but mostly chips and guacamole. they were seemingly the only resto in the city with consistently good avocado access.


looks great but I think the thought of rain makes me even more envious!


Bwahahahaha. I got my Wing Wah (well, my friend got me the Wing Wah) mooncake like 3 wks ago! And I’m all about the lotus-seed paste, too (BTW, what is the diff btw “white lotus seed” and just “lotus seed” for pastes???). No egg yolks for me, though (I know, I’m a bad Chinese).


Same. Didn’t get them this year, but I like the savory Suzhou-style mooncakes with ground pork from Kang Kang/Shau May.


WAT??? Savory mooncake??? I will need to look this up. Thanks for letting me know of their existence!