September 2023 Rundown

Comedor y Pupuseria Olocuilta, El Salvador Corridor

Sopa De Gallina India

Delicious. Salvadoran chicken soup with organs BUT they grill the leg! Comes with rice, veggies, cheese, and masa cake(?).

Super fun and vibrant atmosphere with Salvadoran families enjoying the food.

Happy to try something other than pupusas. A reminder to me that there are other Latino cultures here in LA and So Cal.

I gotta try that iguana next time


Had another sopa de gallina India from another vendor. More clean broth but chicken was less grilled. Also more organs in the soup.


Nice . What you said in the above post . Working in the E.R . Ambulance driver . A true hero to society. And your cooking is beyond outstanding. And your working out routine. Double thumbs up.Thank you :+1:

Aww thank you but definitely not a hero!


One of my friends, fit and thin. Snored so loud the walls trembled. Yeah.


I have sleep apnea. 69 years old, 5’9", 174 lbs. My doctor was surprised when I tested with it. My wife is so happy I use a CPAP.
Not sure how to relate this to food except that unlike @JeetKuneBao I almost always cook rather than eating out. I have learned a lot from his posts and appreciate his insights.


Went to Juliet today for a work lunch and man are the portions small and expensive

I had a French omelette and a greens salad for like 24 bucks.

The folks on here don’t know me that well yet but I also get asked how i can eat like i do (I post a lot of food pics) and not gain weight. Bootcamp (45 or 60 minutes) every day. Cardio every day on vacation. Use MyFitnessPal to track food (I am closing in on 3000 consecutive days of tracking. I love to eat so morning workouts give me a few hundred extra calories to work with on the daily. My sleep is good enough – 6-7 hours a night plus sweet naps as needed. Very little alcohol intake but I do imbibe now and again. Low-stress job probably helps too. Since I am 63 and my metabolism is far from what it once was I need to keep a close eye on things and it seems to work.


A few years ago I was at a wine bar standing next to Biff Rose’s girlfriend watching him do his oracular thing at the piano. She asked me, how do you drink and not get fat? I said, how would I know?


My fitness inspo comes from @chrishei, master influencer of all things svelte, and all the while eating like a living FTC legend…


Water Grill in Costa Mesa. Better than I remember.

Red king crab at the table next to us. $90 per lb. Average of 8-10 lbs.


Looks great. Water Grill is a classic with excellent seafood, but I didn’t expect such modern dishes.


Chez Panisse Café

A few weeks out saw they had some lunch spots open. Grabbed one and stopped by after coffee at Artís.

So many moments of I want more of these solo components.

Seven Moons Farm garden lettuces with Banyuls vinaigrette
always the kinda salad I go for

Spanish Anchovies
take some bread and butter, put it all together (not pictured :rofl:)

Sciaccarello/Syrah/Vermentinu, “Le Rosé de Pauline”, Domaine de Marquiliani, Anne Amalric, Corsica, 2021
A great lunch bottle and something I’d be happy to have a case of lying around. Kept some in my glass all the way through dessert

Halibut brandade toasts with Jimmy Nardello peppers, fennel and rocket
Wish this came with more peppers, or stuff the peppers with halibut as it was mainly there for texture.

Red lentil soup with Indian spices and green coriander yogurt
One time years ago I stopped by and had salad, soup, dessert and a couple glasses of wine. Once finished I found out the people next to me paid for my meal. They were already gone by that point. We never spoke, never traded pertinent secrets, but the lesson is always get the soup.

Rigatoni with basil and walnut pesto, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan
The pasta/protein main combo is the way to go

Sonoma County duck confit with Red Flint polenta, peperonata, sage and figs
The peperonata and polenta, coulda eaten a bowl of that. I wanted more figs too

Dapple Dandy (pluot) and Emerald Beaut (plum) galette with vanilla ice cream
stellar as always

Vanilla-Kirsch cream puff with strawberries and crème chantilly
Honestly this really kicked ass

Nectarine sherbet and red wine-raspberry zuppa, raspberries, Bronx grapes and a langue de chat
The Bronx grapes were part of the fruit bowl and I almost added one of those as a post-dessert dessert because the grapes were delicious


How lovely but also… how random.

Meal looks delicious. :slight_smile:


Do you all have a list of restaurants you want to try or restaurants you would be happy to recommend?

I want to experience many cuisines from diverse cultures (not particularly the pricey fine dining ones).


I don’t know if they’d be from diverse cuisines, but all of the places I’d like to try come from reading FTC. I think some people also get ideas from Reddit or TikTok.

I’d like to try…

  • The soba place in Mar Vista (the name escapes me)
  • Bludso’s Santa Monica
  • Pizzeria Bianco
  • Pizzeria Sei (again)
  • Sushi Gozen (I’ve been too lazy to post pics, but I went once recently and enjoyed it and, as far as sushi goes, it is not super expensive)
  • Bang bang w/ Jeni’s and Win-Dow
  • Sergio 106 Underground (or whatever it’s called now)
  • The new Spanish place in Santa Monica (which would prob the priciest thing on this list)

I’m sure there are more, but these are just the places off the top of my head. :slight_smile:


Soot bull jip (no pics of the beef :sweat_smile:)


Daechang at Yangmani

Post football pie at Ye Olde King’s Head

Carbonara at Mother Wolf. I like the spot overall but I have a strong preference for dried noodles for carbonara.

Tagliata, very good


Excited to stumbled upon Lan Noodle at West Hollywood Gateway. Got the dry wide flat beef noodles and mapo tofu.

Noodles were on point but sauce was too thick and bland plus hardly any beef (not worth $18). Mapo lacked heat and pork — tasted like a middling Chinese takeout rendition. Sadly, far from the Arcadia experience.

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How was Soot Bull Jeep? It was one of my go to when I first moved to LA 20+ years ago but haven’t been back in a very long time.


Hopefully it gets better because this is a big come up for Chinese food in that area if it can even even 70-80% as good as the original.