September 2023 Rundown

Welcome to September of 2023

I got @JeetKuneBao fluenced and had a California Breakfast

Hand Brew and Cortado from Endorffeine
Maple Bar and Chocolate Cruller from Donut Man
Papas Beans add Nopales and Papas Bacon from Tacos Villa Corona


Phin smith action line was long but went by so fast


Best breakfast ever!

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Don’t know why it took so long to try Sup. I guess there’s a reason why the line is always so long. The beef rib pho was the best pho I’ve ever had but I’m far from a pho conessieur. Lomo saltado was flavorful. Fries were a bit soggy but very few pieces of meat. The sriracha didn’t taste like the OG.


I would die for Sup.

Do Shaken style and add an egg next time, flavor profile goes up 5 notches in depth.

Their noodle quality has a good chew which I really enjoy.

One of my good friends lives .5miles from the BP one. When i’d go over to his house and i’d order Sup and bring it over ha.


“Tabasco Sriracha”? Pretty funny, considering the legal machinations the McIllhenny family went through trying (mostly successfully) to keep anyone else from ever calling their original pepper sauce “Tabasco Sauce”, even though that’s the name of a state in Mexico, and was the colloquial name for the variety of peppers they used.


They just expanded into the makeup store next door. Still crowded AF. We waited 30 mins and that’s even after putting our name on the Yelp waitlist. One of the worst parking lots around.


Agreed. That’s my local HMart and I have to time my trips there to avoid the headache.

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“Tabasco” is a trademark only in the context of hot sauce. It’s irrelevant that “tabasco” is a generic term when applied to peppers. Nobody has a trademark on “sriracha.” It’s not surprising to see more brands of sriracha on rhe market since Huy Fong’s having supply problems.

But back when it was essentially “Tabasco-style sauce”, or “”’Tabasco pepper’ sauce” (I.e., sauce made from “Tabasco peppers”), they spent a lot of effort making it into a trademark, and defending it aggressively against possible infringement.( I’m relying on the bibliography for Richard Schweid’s book “Hot Peppers”.) I suspect that if it was a century ago, and if David Tran had the money and political clout that the McIllhennys had, he’d have an enforceable US trademark on “Sriracha”.


Tran might well have been able to trademark it in the US when he started Huy Fong in 1980, but he didn’t even try.

Wake & Late’s new-ish Pasadena location. First time having their burrito. I thought it was pretty good. Breakfast burritos have a high floor, and this was generally well executed, with tater tots and avocado and pickled jalapeños, which were a nice touch. It was not particularly interesting, though, and too rich; it needed salsa instead of aioli. It was also $13 (or $16+ with meat) and quite small, so with Lucky Boy in the area and so many other good options in town it’s hard to imagine going back.


Aioli with a breakfast burrito? Wut. That is definitely not it lol definitely not So Cal. Eggs, bacon, and avocado. Add more fat to it with a aioli?


No hash browns??



Sofra Urbana.

I have never had Serbian food but this was quite enjoyable.

The cevapi - fluffy baked bread with the mildly seasoned beef sausages, onion, tomato based sauce and a garlic sauce. Simple yet delicious.

Also the Burek or borek with spinach and cheese which is found in many places, tasty and well done.


Pearl River Deli

Hainan Chicken Rice. Masterful. Spectacular. 10/10. My mistake was I didn’t see the sweet soy by the utensils. Wasn’t sure if broth can also be ordered. Just wonderful. Get it with an iced lemon tea that would make any Hong Konger happy on a summer day. I love the decor too.

Both PRD and Marden’s are probably making the best HCR in the country!

And NO I didn’t have char siu rice at Needle afterwards lol please stop asking


The Chinese No Chicken salad at PRD is pretty good too!


did you bang at needle?



Buena Park on Beach Blvd and Malvern/La Mirada where the HMart is.