Sergio is now cooking in long beach

cheko el rey del zarandeado

343 east market st
long beach ca


menu has been tweeked
i recommend the Botana Especial


Based on your new information, I suspect you will soon also be known as southbaygal…


So did he just bail on Coni’ Seafood ? I haven’t been there in a couple years . It seemed like he was working his ass off for the people around him . Could be a good reason for me to drive south . And go out and eat his delicious food . Been thinking about it .

he has bailed on Coni’s

I am now getting HIP to the MASTER PLAN - he keeps moving further and further South, so, soon, I will have to actually go to Sinaloa to eat his food.

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thanx for the info wsg. :smile:

Sheesh Sergio seems to be migrating all over the place every year or so.

do you know if this new place is Sergio’s own? Or he’s working for someone else? Just curious if it might impact if he’ll stay at this new location or not for the long term.

How’s the snook at the new place?

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Had a convo with b. esparza about this. Didn’t seem to have much empathy for Sergio. Said the recipes at CONI are still the family recipes and he didn’t expect it to change much, for what that’s worth. Myself, I’m a huge Sergio fan.

WSG . I’m thinking about heading south in a couple weeks . What’s the low down on Sergio’s new place ? Favorites you like or would recommend , new menu items ? Not much info on the new spot . I would think it would be different than Coni . True ? It’s time for me to make the trek south . Thanks

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i’ve only been a couple of times–the traffic during the week can be a bear.
i’ve stuck to the ceviche and the botana especial.
so those two are all i can recommend so far.

it is a different operation than coni’s but the food is still sergio’s.

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Even the traffic here all days of the week is becoming unbearable . That’s all I needed to know of what you said. "But the food is still Sergio’s ". I’ll be making the trek . Thanks.

Hi westsidegal,

Does Sergio still make his famous Snook / Pescado Zarandeado dish?

i’m sorry, i don’t know.
i didn’t try to order it.

if your heart is set on that dish, call first:

also, i don’t know what days they are closed. i would assume the days that they close are weekdays and there is NO chance that i’d attempt the drive on a weekday.

Yes, although like WSG mentioned, call ahead if you have your heart set. There have been times we went to Coni’s and they were out.