Seriously Delicious Sandwich Alert - Mendocino Farms "Chef's Pick" - House Smoked Summer Cubano

Easily the best thing I’ve had at mf MF.

Thick smoked pork and thin, crispy, honey roast ham.
Killer Mojo sauce.
Great thick, crunchy pickles.
Toasted panini bread.
Quite a Mouth Party!


Which one do you go to?

Santa Monica

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That bread appears to be losing the struggle to contain the contents of that sandwich.


BTW, there’s apparently a “secret” menu (nothing to get too excited about, but they can do things like a grilled cheese).

My doggies love those kinda of sandwich breads.

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I posted about this the other day and completely agree. Easily one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had at Mendo Farms.

It holds together surprisingly well. There’s a cheese element that’s not visible that acts as a binding agent.


Well now I recall where I read about it. Great call.

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Nice sandwich.

Just had this “Cubano” for dinner and I concur - great sandwich. Just a heads-up - it has a lot of pickled jalapeños. If spicy food is an issue, it may be something to consider. But I think this element is crucial to the sandwich’s success. The sour acidity balances the sandwich.

Mendocino Farms in MdR also has a nice green bean salad right now. Super fresh FM green beans, walnuts, celery and goat cheese (no visible goat cheese - I think it’s blended into the dressing).


Had one of these this week. Very tasty sandwich with a really nice smokiness to the meats.

I’ll put it right behind my prior favorite of theirs, the buffalo chicken sandwich that they unfortunately recently stopped offering.


Your post is causing a sandwich shortage! Was at the Santa Monica location around 1:00 on Monday and they were sold out. :sob:

Had to console myself with some sidecar instead. :doughnut:

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It’s a sandwich worthy of its own thread for sure!

Good call on the jalapenos. I think they’re mixed into the aioli, so order that on the side if you can’t handle spicy. But like you say, the acidity really helps make the sandwich.

I’m addicted to that huckleberry donut.


Have you tried Sidecar’s breakfast donut thingy?

The one with the poached egg and proscuitto? It’s pretty tasty if you get one on the fresh side but I’d still stick to the huckleberry, old fashioned and the buttermilk drops.

That’s the one. I could be wrong, but at least locally, this is a pretty unique and well made donut.

Thanks for the rec @CiaoBob
Just hammered one of these down and it was bloody good.

Summer Cubano is back on the menu for the next few months!

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Yes! I called a couple weeks back and it had been replaced with some silly BLT. I’m going today for lunch!

Just got done with the Cubano it was delicious as described by everyone on the board. Didn’t take any photos as I was too busy stuffing my face full of bites. The smoked pork was smoky and tender and the rub they used was very peppery for a nice kick, kind of reminiscent of texas style brisket rubs. The ham added an additional salt flavor along with an additional meat texture as it had more chew. The sauce and the cheese were excellent. Only two small minor complaints, wish I tasted a more mustardy flavor from the sauce that is typical for cubanos and also wish that the pickles were more vinegary, the pickles had a bright flavor but were too sweet for me.


Totally agree about the pickles and mustard. This is not a OG Cubano. Just a really tasty variant.