Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve

I will be traveling up to the bay area to spend Christmas with my family. I was wondering if there are any restaurants who will be serving an Italian seven fishes menu on Christmas eve. Thanks in advance

Call Cockscomb, Cosentino used to do that at Incanto.

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Locanda had a Feast of Seven Fishes in 2014. Hopefully, they will do it for this holiday season.
557 Valencia Street, San Francisco 94110
(415) 863-6800

December 24, 2015, for The Feast of the Seven Fishes: Locanda’s multi-course, pre-fixe, all seafood Christmas Eve dinner.

Ahi Tuna “Crudo-Cotto,” Rigatoncini with Blue Crab & Santa Barbara
Sea Urchin, Warm, Housemade Pannetone with Buffalo Milk Gelato and much,
much more.

All dishes (and fishes) accompanied by delicious, optional wine parings chosen by Wine Director Sally Kim.

two seatings: 4:30PM & 7:30PM (with additional limited seatings at
5:00PM & 8:00PM). Doors open half an hour before each seating.

$142 per person/$60 children 12 and under (includes tax and gratuity.)

Please note any food allergies when purchasing tickets in order for us to accommodate.

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That looks delish. Thank you for the info.

My sister went and made a reservation for Lungomare for Christmas Eve. The menu posted online looks rather appealing.

Lungomare might be a safer bet on a night that they have a fixed menu like that. I’ve had good food there but the service can be scattered.

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Wound up going to Lungomare last night. At the risk of sounding like a total snob, my low expectations were exceeded. There were some odd aspects to the service. The lady at the host station gave our party an unsolicited talk about how difficult her job was and how she might prefer being elsewhere. Luckily, a manager came by and took us to a table swiftly, but was apologizing about not giving us a table with a view of the water. The table we were seated at was more than fine. I was thinking that this might be the type of place where people routinely complain about not having a view. Mind you, this is after sunset and any visuals of water would have been completely indiscernible due to the lack of light. Our servers were good, but maybe veering a bit too much on the chummy side. After one course, silverware was replaced and in no less than three minutes, the clean silverware was removed and replaced with identical settings. Service was fine, albeit somewhat odd.

The food was fine for the most part, lacking any real refinement. Standouts were the cuttlefish crudo and trout. The eel was not that fresh, but the accompanying lentils were really delicious. The place was jumping and they were turning a fair amount of people at the door.

Glad I got to have my seven fishes. Not dying to return any time soon though. Next year, I think I will seek out an alternative. Even hop over to Haven across the way, fish or no fish.

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