Sexy Beans ... pretty damn good

We saw the short write-up about Sexy Beans on L A Eater and decided to give it a try. It’s a Brazilian take-out delivery place.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what exactly it was. Turns out it’s housed in a kitchen in Culver City with maybe a dozen of other restaurants preparing all different types of food. In other words, there is no restaurant per se – it’s just a big, shared kitchen with a shared window where you can pick up your food or your delivery driver can pick up your order. No dine in.

This was our order:

Picanha (sirloin cap steak) Medium Rare

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken

Our Famous Brazilian Black Beans

Vegetarian Black Beans

Texas Spicy Beef Chili

Side of Farofa

Side Salad (Because I needed something green)

Beef was perfectly cooked medium rare. Chicken was really juicy.

The Texas chili was made with ground beef, no beans, some nice heat. The black beans were nice and meaty (and beany)

Overall, a very worthwhile spot in our neighborhood for Brazilian take out.

This is the website for all the restaurants at Culver City Cuisine:


How’s the feijoada

Ghost kitchen.

The black beans were really good. Way more meat in them than I expected.

On a spiciness ranking it went:

Vegetarian Beans

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These guys have been putting on a major PR blitz (on their own, not through a shady PR firm, good for them), and I say that only because even I got an invitation to their kitchen. Been following them since opening and wanted to try, food looks good. Saw the chef post a photo with Esparza and Kang so that Eater article should be out soon if it is actually good.


Odd to me that the menu doesn’t call the feijoada feijoada, or the couve couve, but maybe it’s smart branding.

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