SF Bay Area miscellaneous reports

Went to Bombera for the first time the other night. One of the nicest outdoor seating areas around here. It was a social occasion so I didn’t take photos.

Spicy carrots Mislanta were great, never had anything like that before.

Little gem salad with Cara Cara oranges, pepitas, jicama, etc. was very good.

Smoked trout tostadas were excellent. Get one per person, too small to share.

Carne asada huarache supreme, good but not exciting and the base didn’t seem right to me. I’d rather get a chicken tinga huarache at El Huarache Azteca.

Duck confit (“carnitas”) with moros y cristianos and mole verde was my favorite of the night. French-Cuban-Mexican fusion, what’s not to like?

Chocolate pot de creme was excellent, not very sweet, just the way I like it.

Lemon pudding cake had good fresh flavor, tasted pretty much just like the ones we make with backyard lemons and a recipe from my 1950 Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.

“Guava tart” was basically membrillo y queso only with guava paste in a pastry shell instead of a chunk of quince paste. Fun.

Negra Modelo on draft. Short but well selected natty wine list. Our friend who’s a regular (lives half a block away) says the cocktails are solid. Service was great. Not that it’s a problem but I haven’t seen so many white people in one place since I was in San Diego.

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Went back and had the duck again. That pipian verde is great stuff.

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Tried Hella Bagels. Delivery only, have to order most of a week ahead, $3 each, which is what Boichik, Saul’s, and Wise Sons charge without delivery.

4.7 oz., a bit over 3.5" across, so kind of high. Good texture. Needed toasting. Probably won’t order again.

For $3, I think a bagel should still have some crunch in the crust without toasting. I’d rather get frozen Just Bagels ($1.14 each) and bake them when we want them.

Leftover jambalaya from Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen. Excellent.

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Left Bank Brasserie now open. Nice to have another French option in the area.

My foodie hairdresser strongly recommended this place in Lafayette.

Sarah Kirnon (Miss Ollie’s) is popping up at Front Porch in SF tonight.

Dealers choice skillet fried chicken & potato salad, island slaw, pepper sauce $23
Jerk pork with Plantains and shado Beni sauce, rice porridge 19
Jerk mushrooms, coconut feta, herb and chayote salad citrus $ 15
Curried black eye peas and mustard greens $12
Roasted sweet potato with green sauce and garlic cream$ 14
Cornmeal fritters with honey butter and thyme $9


Went to the Jack London Square branch of Left Bank last night. Opened in mid-February in the old Bocanova space. New look, new furniture.

Maybe don’t order food until wine is on the table, or.the second course until the first is served.

Charcuterie and cheese plate, steak tartare, steak frites, moules frites, crème brûlée, all very good. Salade Lyonnaise should be great next time when I’ll specify a runny egg. Nice to have someplace nearby to get classic French food again.

Full wine list is bigger and better than what’s on the web site or the back of the food menu. Had a very nice Loire white for $40, low end of the prices. Good Loire Cab Franc for $45. Friends picked up the check so I can’t be more specific.

Furniture was weird. We sat in the booth pictured above (photo from Eater), the seats were raised and had bar rails. I love booths and it was comfortable at first, but after a couple of hours my feet were sore. Seemed like all the furniture on that east side of the bar was like that. To the west of the bar it looks like they have normal-height chairs and tables so I’ll ask for that in the future.

Huge place was hopping for a Monday night.



Here’s something to make me feel old: I remember when half these places opened. I guess the city’s to blame for defining “legacy” as “in business for 30 years or longer.”

My phone was acting up so I didn’t get good photos. The khorkhog was a heaping pile of braised lamb, an equally heaping pile of potatoes and carrots that were braised with it, a quart of the broth, and some funny noodle-like things they called “flour.” Simple but delicious. The four of us also ate a dozen dumplings. The chunky hot condiment that came with the dumplings was really good and very seriously spicy.

We had at least a third of the lamb and veg left over. That’s a lot of food for the money.


Excellent fish board at Grossman’s in Santa Rosa. Bread selection (they have a large bakery in back) was weird, who wants white bread or crackers with this? I should have asked for all bagels. The bakery’s so big I wonder if it supplies the Starks’ other restaurants (Willi’s etc.)

Sabich. All good except the “pita” was thin, stretchy, and chewy. If that’s a traditional style of pita it’s new to me. Makes me want to try Saul’s.

Issues aside I’d go back. Reservations essential at busy times for parties of three or more. There are some two-tops in the bar for walk-ins.


Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa. My stomach was a bit queasy so I didn’t get the tonno del chianti (pork confit) or duck wings or wine, damn it.

Beans and greens (no photo) were simple and perfect. Mushroom tart had a buttery crust and a delicious filling.

The meringue in the pavlova had maybe been kept in too humid a spot, it was so chewy I had to ask for a steak knife. Otherwise excellent, hit the spot.

Exceptional service. Reservations required. The place wasn’t full so I guess they just limit the number to what the staff can handle (they’ve more than doubled capacity by adding outdoor seating.

If there’s a better restaurant in Santa Rosa I’d be surprised.


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Punchdown Sebastopol open as of today in The Barlow.

Morning Bun @ Dolores Park.

Finally got to try the famous Tartine! This bun was pretty damn good!


I assume this means Golden Gate Bakery is closed for good?

Oh yeah my favorite spot!

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Not Ming Kee ?

seems like it - been like that since at least february… :frowning:

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Oh yeah they are up there but haven’t been in awhile

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i think ming kee does better char siu and soy chicken, hing lung does better roast duck and roast pork