SF Bay Area miscellaneous reports

maximum quality charsiu/duck/roast pork now significantly easier logistically


And you can follow up with a lambwich and finish with some sweets from Black Jet Bakery


Best HK bbq bang bang!!!

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I missed the news that Chris Cosentino is consulting at Nick’s Cove. Menu looks great.


Went to Daol the other night but they had unexpectedly closed early, so went down the block to Hancook.

Banchan were good except the alleged fish cake had no fish flavor. Seemed like all starch.

#13 beef ribeye cube rice. Pretty good and with the banchan a pretty good value at $19.

Seems like most people were there for shabu shabu. There’s also an AYCE option.

New place in my neighborhood in the former Nick’s. It’s still licensed as a bar so no minors.

Meatballs were good. Would order again.

Oyster mushrooms also good and would order again.

Chicken katsu, good but I’d prefer as a sandwich. Salad was also good.

Smash cheeseburger, not my favorite style but good for that type of burger. Fries were excellent.

Good drinks, friendly service, comfortable seats, nice atmosphere. They’re hoping to stay open late and I hope they get the business for it. Happy hour menus 4-5 and 9-11.

Mua burger, half pound, aioli, fries, $20. Tastes like they still grill over charcoal but I didn’t see it so I’m not sure. Properly medium-rare as ordered. Very good burger. Fries are similar to McDonald’s, not my favorite but a good version of that style. Music was annoyingly loud as usual.

How has this Georgian place been open for a year without my knowing?

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That’s a great looking menu.

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Yeah, broad selection of classic dishes.

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this is not a report, but also didn’t seem like it warranted a full topic for itself:
$230 15-course omakase at the flintstones house next to 280 in hillsdale - most notably, comes with a tour of the house, which i had no idea the inside was also flintstones



The decor just screams brontosaurus burgers…


Sounds like a wacky and unappetizing concept. I wasn’t aware that there were restaurants operating in Hillsborough. (It’s in the town of Hillsborough, not quite Hillsdale, San Mateo.) Florence Fang, the owner, seems to be operating the house as a “club” - so maybe she got some work around. I’ve heard of sushi omakase underground events in Hillsborough (mainly big parties catered) but not a publicized club. The house is a “highly visible eyesore” and “public nuisance” according to the town, but she won a settlement after claiming discrimination when the town gave her code violations for her renovations. Colorful family and a story that now took a weird turn with a sushi pop-up of all things.

In any event, the chef is Masa Sasaki, formerly of Sasaki and previously Maruya in SF. I won’t be visiting Stoneage Omakase, but I’ve had a couple of fairly decent meals at his restaurants in the past.


If you drive 280 to SF you always see the house on the way to work - I can understand why neighbors etc have complained about it - it is ugly

Indeed it is very ugly

more worthwhile, mitsuwa in cupertino has a special ‘event’? hosting Otaru Tachiuri-Shokai, which is selling these bentos - not cheap, but the quantity of seafood is significant!!



Small Change Oyster Bar finally opened yesterday. Wed.-Sun. 3-9 pm, former Doña Tomas space.

updated taco list, many new entries!


Agree. This was our fifth or sixth visit for dinner and the last meal was the best yet. Matt’s passed on lunch mostly to the SCs. It’s simpler, lovely, and a whole different experience altogether. Special place.

Greenwood and Elk House (formerly Bridget Dolan’s Pub) newly opened down the road. Probably the 2nd best restaurant in the area, but the flavor profiles need some work. The pasta is excellent. Nice to have another choice in the area.

Greenwood pics enclosed
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