SF Bay Area pizza scene, 2019 to ...?

Graffiti pepperoni

Old Skool

This is as good as I’ve had of that NY style that’s generously sauced and topped and you have to fold the crust to get the tip to stick out straight so you can bite it.

I’ll go to Lanesplitter when I want crisp, but sometimes Graffiti’s style is just what I’m craving.


Enjoyed Pollara

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whats the verdict on Emilias?

I love Emilias. His time slots do fill up real fast. Waiting 15 minutes after phones open up can be the difference between 5pm and 9pm pickup. Really cool guy.

Emilias and Gioia are both real good.

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Whats the best pie to get at Emilias? @butteredwaffles

Hoboken is my #1 and then the Veggie from his Immutable Pizzas

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Hoboken from tonight, super good. Better than most in LA.

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Emilia’s is excellent and a must-try for any pizza lover, but not my favorite style. It’s one of the closest places to my house but I haven’t had it in ten years. I prefer Lanesplitter for whole pies or Rotten City for slices, thinner and crisper. Neither’s makes pizza as good as Nizza la Bella’s was.

Gioia’s would be great if they didn’t undersalt the dough.

Damn, am I behind. I’ve only been to five of these.

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This is the old Oaktown / B / Borgo Italia / Desco space, most recently Benchmark Pizza.

Lanesplitter now has its own delivery site.

Hey Everyone! Check out our new online ordering portal! Many of you know the big delivery partners take a huge cut from restaurants, and many of you have asked what’s the best way to order Lanesplitter so we get the most from the sale! The answer is to order directly from our new website for pickup or delivery! We’ve got some specials on there that you cant get anywhere else, like the $20 Lg Cheese pie and the ANY 3 Lg East Bay Favs for $75! Check it out, order today, and save on our specials! Thanks for choosing Lanesplitter!


Detroit-style with Wisconsin brick cheese (not glue).

Slice of margherita from June’s, in part of the old Fusebox space between Soba Ichi and Magnolia Mini Mart. Super-thin, tender and chewy, not crisp. Excellent.



Passione “meat lovers” small ($16): I was picking up some tortillas from Xulo, so I picked up a pie for lunch. Good, not thin-crust, lots of cheese so more filling than your typical pizza that size. I tore off some crust before I drove home and it had a really nice crunch, to try it at its best I’d like to eat on-site when they’re open for that.

Still my favorite.


Hey Robert, Im gonna be in SF mid July and would love a couple recs from you re: pizza in SF(besides TonyG’s places) and a couple Italian restaurants for great pasta…thoughts?

Perbacco for pasta.

Pizza, there are so many places and I haven’t been to most of the newer ones. Tomasso’s and Golden Boy are unique. Bao’Necci for the best thin Roman-style I’ve had outside of Rome.

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great re: Perbacco…never been…I’ll look into Bao’Necci…Tomasso’s and Golden Boy Im familiar with when I lived in SF in the 80s…I can’t seem to find much intel on the newer places in SF…I’ll report on the pasta, thanks

Cotogna’s my favorite for the sort of NY-Naples hybrid style (kind of like Pizzeria Mozza in LA) also made by Delfina, Zero Zero, and Flour + Water. Haven’t been to any of them very recently, for that style I go to Zut in Berkeley.

A16 for hardcore, certified Neapolitan.

I haven’t been back to Tony’s after a disappointing experience in 2012. I suspect they just try to do so many things that they can’t execute them consistently.

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