SF Bay Area pizza scene, 2019 to ...?

You might look at

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thanks Robert, yes, Ive never had anything but extremely satisfying experiences at Tony’s Neapolitan and Slice House next door…Ive been to most of the more Neapolitan styles you listed…from your description, I think I may try Cotogna…thanks for this other link, too, I’ll check it out now

Great antipasti, pastas, and desserts at Cotogna, too. The secondi are solid but not as exciting.

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yummy…lookin forward to my Bay Area visit

From previous visits to SF we also liked Perbacco

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I’d recommend La Ciccia as well, but they’ll be on vacation.

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interesting…I ate at Il Romanista several times before it was shut down by The Virus…the pizza always had the requisite crispy chewiness and never too doughy…oh well, everyone has a bad day! Triple Beam is still cranking out great Roman “al taglio” style pizza

Jupiter’s been a reliable place for pizza for a long time.

Circe: shrimp, garlic butter, mozzarella. Maybe my favorite pizza bianca

Eutropia: housemade sausage, Hobbs bacon & pepperoni, smoked mozzarella. This or the Triton are my usual orders.

Beer selection is reduced. You can see it on the online menu (they’re using QR codes and online ordering for in-house dining):

Here’s something that surprised me: I wanted to pick up a pizza for lunch, and none of my usual places were open except Rotten City, which I wasn’t interested in since I had a slice there just yesterday. Graffiti opens at 5 every day but Monday. Lanesplitter opens at 3 daily. Labor shortage, I presume.

Rotten City was good as usual except a bit soggy in the center. I should have taken it home and crisped it up in a pan, but it was getting late and I was really hungry. No dine-in, patio seating. They’re doing quarter-pie slices, this was $13.50 before tax and tip.

Wow . 6.75 a slice . I remember standing in line when pizza my heart opened in Capitola. Circa 1981 . This place is going to make a million dollars . They did . Inflation and cost have sure changed . I like the tip of the slice to be a little bit soggy . Looks good.

Something seemed off when we ate at the original Lanesplitter recently. They’d torn out the bar so the space felt sort of unfinished and weird. Pizza was good but different.

I remember seeing the review on check please bay area. Well that’s sad . Good reviews looked good.

I’ll check out the Emeryville location, though with all the others closed, it seems unlikely to last.

The Temescal one turned into an Artichoke Basile’s.

I was really busy with work and had nothing easy for lunch so got a pizza delivered from Square Pie Guys.

It looked right but it wasn’t crisp or crunchy. Maybe if I’d eaten it fresh from the oven it would have been, but the flavor wasn’t great either. Ellen Supreme with “vodka sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, caramelized onions, Mama Lil’s pickled peppers, and roasted mushroom medley,” $25 if you pick up. $40 delivered before tip. Not terrible but I’d have enjoyed a Motor City from Costco more.

I heard Lanesplitter Emeryville had a new owner so went to check it out. This is a photo of a Carnivore from 2016:

Here’s what we got this week:

Definitely a different style, you can see that they used to put cheese on top of the pepperoni etc. It was good but Rotten City is more the style of thin crust I like (though no indoor seating these days). 16 taps of draft beer, not as hip a selection as in the old days but some good stuff. Open until midnight weekdays, 2:30 am weekends.

Holy crap, how did I miss this? Baonecci moved to Frisco.


Seems like a solid list. Zero Zero’s pies are not Neapolitan-style, they’re sort of NY-Neapolitan hybrid, similar to Delfina’s. Pizzetta 211’s crust is the thinnest I’ve had anywhere.

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Updated list:

I’ve found Tony’s wildly inconsistent and probably won’t go back.

I’m glad to see Pizzetta 211 is still going. Too bad about Zero Zero.

does Bruce ill still operate Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur?

Reportedly not.