SF/EBay mostly grassfed corned beef sources/prices

I called around yesterday:

  • Guerras, 6.99-7.99, conventional, artery brined
  • Golden Gate Meats, 8.99, grassfed, grain finished
  • Marin Sun Farms, 9.99, grassfed, pasture raised
  • Prather, 10.49, grassfed
  • Fatted Calf,12.00, grassfed, grain finished
  • Café Rouge, 12.00, creekstone grassfed, grain finished

I’ve enjoyed MSF and Prather many times but tend to go with best quality I can get for least $ since I hate to pay for brine.

You’re looking for corned beef or for brisket to corn your own?

I haven’t had good success corning my own. Usually bc I forget and then there is not enough time left. I think 7d is minimum? Also, I never seem to have pink salt on hand and there’s nowhere local to buy.

If corning your own, Prather seems to be best price @ 7.99. The rest of the places are only marginally less for uncured brisket.